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][][][][][][][][][][][< COVER * GALLERY * #29i>][][][][][][][][][][][
The cover shows the Ultimate Ninja reading a birthday card
(using all of his ninja birthday card reading skills) as
the entire LNH stands behind him gasping in shock at what
is being read (Except for Cannon Fodder who is in a pool of
his own blood due to the paper cut he got when he opened
the card's envelope).
A word balloon stabbing the Ultimate Ninja in the cheek
says, "Dear, LNH!  Would have written an actual story, but
didn't feel like it so I'm doing this Cover Gallery thingee
instead.  Happy 23rd!  Nothing else to say.  Signed -- The
Writer of Cover Gallery #29i -- PS:  Don't let Cannon
Fodder open the envelope!"
Cover blurb:  Some people said a story about the Ultimate
Ninja reading a birthday card -- and just reading a
birthday card would never ever happen!  Well, fasten your
safety belt, dear readers -- because you're about to read
the cover of that story!!  You're about to go on the
readingest birthday card reading adventure ever (And by
adventure I mean reading this cover -- not like an actual
adventure)!!  Will the Looniverse ever be the same again?! 
(Well, since there's no actual story -- I guess we'll never
know the actual answer to that -- we'll just have lay in
bed and be tormented by that question for the rest of our
natural lives.)
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Ultimate Ninja and Cannon Fodder -- wReam
Arthur "Readingest" Spitzer
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