LNH/LNH20: LNH: Hungry, Hungry Sabertooths! #47 (Post-Metal Doomcore tie-in)

Drew Nilium pwerdna at gmail.com
Thu Nov 11 10:40:31 PST 2021

On 11/11/21 1:29 PM, Jeanne Morningstar wrote:
>  From outside of time and space, Simplicity watched the plot threads ebb and 
> flow and scratched where the bridge of its nose would be if it had one. This did 
> simplify things, of course, but without one of its major villains the structure 
> of the story could collapse. This could be Spoon of Destiny Saga all over again.

oh noooooooo

> Where Imperilus had been, there was a sort of dense cloud of sparkly pink 
> energy, invisible to all. Simplicity gasped. This was a whole factor in the 
> narrative they somehow hadn't seen The Determination Force! The power that lived 
> in the hearts of battle shonen protagonists, driving them to impossible feats! 

He was filled with... DETERMINATION

> It must have been this that had boosted Imperilus's power so greatly (except 
> when it didnt, because of authors having different ideas--Simplicity would have 
> frowned if it had had a mouth). And now it would have to find another host... 
> And Simplicity knew just who it should be.
> Guiding the narrative flow, it sent the Deterimination Force sailing in the 
> direction of Agent Bennington.

Oh man, this works so well with what I was thinking of. :D

> And Imperilus fell through time and space like Satan from Heaven. "Wild," he 
> said, watching the swirling colors and shapes around him, distorted flashes of 
> spacetime. "Is this what it's like taking that LSD stuff? That's heavy."


> The fall felt like forever, but it had to come to an end and it did. Imperilus 
> pulled himself off the ground and waited for the aches in his bone to subside. 
> "Oh man, I must be in a whole new story now. Uh, world. I hope that fourth all 
> breaking stuff isn't contagious.


> If this is another one of those damn LNH 
> things, I'm gonna..."
> A convenient newspaper fluttered by on the wind. Imperilus snatched it up. The 
> headline read:
> "God damn it!" said Imperilus, ripping the newspaper apart. "Now I'm mad... 
> fighting mad!"

Amazing. <3 <3 <3

> Note: Well there you go. Imperilus was functioning as a kind of isekai 
> protagonist at this point so it felt appropriate to send him to where he could 
> fight the other ones.

Drew "lov the chaos" Nilium

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