LNH/LNH20: LNH: Hungry, Hungry Sabertooths! #47 (Post-Metal Doomcore tie-in)

Jeanne Morningstar mrfantastic7 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 11 10:29:15 PST 2021

 From outside of time and space, Simplicity watched the plot threads ebb 
and flow and scratched where the bridge of its nose would be if it had 
one. This did simplify things, of course, but without one of its major 
villains the structure of the story could collapse. This could be Spoon 
of Destiny Saga all over again.

Where Imperilus had been, there was a sort of dense cloud of sparkly 
pink energy, invisible to all. Simplicity gasped. This was a whole 
factor in the narrative they somehow hadn't seen The Determination 
Force! The power that lived in the hearts of battle shonen protagonists, 
driving them to impossible feats! It must have been this that had 
boosted Imperilus's power so greatly (except when it didnt, because of 
authors having different ideas--Simplicity would have frowned if it had 
had a mouth). And now it would have to find another host... And 
Simplicity knew just who it should be.

Guiding the narrative flow, it sent the Deterimination Force sailing in 
the direction of Agent Bennington.


And Imperilus fell through time and space like Satan from Heaven. 
"Wild," he said, watching the swirling colors and shapes around him, 
distorted flashes of spacetime. "Is this what it's like taking that LSD 
stuff? That's heavy."

The fall felt like forever, but it had to come to an end and it did. 
Imperilus pulled himself off the ground and waited for the aches in his 
bone to subside. "Oh man, I must be in a whole new story now. Uh, world. 
I hope that fourth all breaking stuff isn't contagious. If this is 
another one of those damn LNH things, I'm gonna..."

A convenient newspaper fluttered by on the wind. Imperilus snatched it 
up. The headline read:


"God damn it!" said Imperilus, ripping the newspaper apart. "Now I'm 
mad... fighting mad!"


Note: Well there you go. Imperilus was functioning as a kind of isekai 
protagonist at this point so it felt appropriate to send him to where he 
could fight the other ones.

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