LNH: Hungry, Hungry Sabertooths! #18: Hello to Halo

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Thu Oct 22 11:28:22 PDT 2020

On 10/22/20 1:14 PM, Jeanne Morningstar wrote:
> #18 [probably?]: "Hello to Halo"

Pretty sure we haven't had one of those yet

> A silly even by this crossover's standards LNH tale by Jeanne Morningstar

Yessssss good

> "Oh, so I see Scott--I mean Psychovant decided to throw in one of his characters 
> to mess up the story," said Jeanne Morningstar. "Well I can't let him get away 
> with that!


> Unfortunately, I kind of blew up my Writer Character so he can't take 
> care of that... but I can throw in one of my characters from another story!


> Now 
> let's see... Victory couldn't show up normally, because 8fold's not the kind of 
> universe that's compatible with LNH, but it just might be possible for her to 
> project some of her divine power into the net.worlds in a Paper Tigers kind of 
> way [in reference to the classic Dvandom saga--Footnote Girl]... But I'd have to 
> run that by Tom and I want this out as quickly as possible.

X3 Reasonable!

> Or 
> I could bring back Atomic Rabbit from JAC--at some point I probably will--but... 
> hmm.

Ooooooo. :D

> Oh, I've got it. I'll use the Black Halo...."


> Named after a Kamelot album (the Writer listens to a fair amount of power 
> metal), the Black Halo would have been the main antagonist of the second story 
> arc of Jeanne Morningstar's Jane Foster Thor based fanfic story if, like so many 
> of their projects, hadn't stalled out after the first arc.

X3 <3 That's fair

> The Black Halo was one of the gods of a dead Earth. They are a death god (hey 
> there's another constantly recurring idea)


> This Earth in, let's say, a multiversal catastrophe, a generic one, not any 
> secret war in particular. They had made a deal with, uh, a demon, who had been 
> impersonating a member of the multiversal bureaucracy,

Caaaaaarefully tiptoe around the trademarks, there we go...

> Both Earths were destroyed, 
> and the Black Halo and their divine family (who were vaguely inspired by the 
> Black Moon Clan from Sailor Moon)  were swept into another Earth along with the 
> World Changer and the Valkyrie who had been set to protect it from them.

ooooooooh I love it

> (This 
> was the way of bringing a certain character from a certain movie into the canon 
> universe without giving her the complicated-even-by-superhero-comic-standards 
> baggage of her canon counterpart.)

Yeah, legit X3

> (Obviously there's a certain amount of thematic overlap with Just Another 
> Cascade here as this Writer is one of those who tend to revisit and refine plots 
> and ideas periodically, but hey so do "real" comic writers.)

YES. :D :D :D And heck, JAC was fun

> Black Halo is a combination of a peak-Lee/Kirby late Silver Age comics villain 
> and a Sailor Moon villain, exemplifying the influences this fanfic universe is 
> based on.

yessssssss <3 <3 <3 That's extremely you

> They are wildly overdramatic and prone to mood swings. They wear a 
> black armored costume with elegant ornamental patterning in blue lines and a 
> dramatic cape. They are dark skinned Latinx and wear dark blue lipstick and nail 
> polish.


> Imperilus stood over a pile of sabertooth tigers (and a dinosaur, for some 
> reason) that he'd vanquished with his bare hands.

Heeheehee. :D

> "Hold, Imperilus!" said Black Halo. "I know not what power brought me here to 
> this ridiculous world, but I shall vanquish you whatever it takes!"

Heeheehee X3

> "Eh?" said Imperilus. "Ah, man, it's one of those god types. I hate 'em. Got 
> their divine heads stuck all the way up their holy rectums. Well I've been 
> preparing all my life to kick the asses of gods and I am ready!!"

OMG this is good banter.

> What power 
> exactly did they have here, they wondered?
> Jeanne Morningstar wondered that too. "Well," they said, "I *could* make the 
> Black Halo really OP by constructing a metaphysical link to, say, the dead 
> universe from Legion of Occult Heroes #4, but I think I'll just say they have 
> the powers of dead LNHers who have statues in the Hall of Lost Heroes 
> [https://lnh.diamond-age.net/wiki/Hall_of_Lost_Heroes], in addition to the 
> flight and energy-y powers they normally have. That should give Imperilus 
> something to chew on."

Oh that's pretty good.

> Energy flowed into them from the nearby statues, with a sense of grief and 
> exultation. They prepared to strike, with the power of... Flatulence? That 
> seemed to be the standard kind of power in this universe. "But if a fart be the 
> power I must wield to conquer evil, than I will fart away!"

oh my goodness gracious X3

> said the Black Halo, 
> turning around and ripping an enormous divine-powered fart that knocked 
> Imperilus off his feet...
> Jeanne Morningstar rubbed their eyes. "I can't believe I wrote that sentence. I 
> need sleep."

This is amazing and I love it XD XD XD

> Notes:
> I don't know. I'm sorry.

X3 It is great.

> I had a lot of ambitious ideas for my version of the Marvel Universe that for 
> various reasons didn't work out (this is a common thing for me); a lot of the 
> influence from that went into Victory which in stories to come pick up on things 
> from there thematically in the same way Kirby's New Gods did on his Thor, or 
> Simonson's Orion did on his Thor. Still might want to come back and write some 
> of this someday, tho, but I have way too many stories.

Valid, and same.

Drew "this is so bonkers" Nilium

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