LNH: Doctor Stomper's Guide to the Deep Omnilooniverse

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== Introduction ==

The Looniverse we live in runs on narrative principles - Comedy and Drama,
Surprise and Expectation, Senseless Violence and Slice-of-Life. The greater
multiversal structure it is part of - referred to here as the Omnilooniverse -
runs on similar principles. And when events happen that are large enough and
energetic enough to change the status quo of the Omnilooniverse, it responds in
a fundamentally narrative manner.

== Omnilooniversal Expansion ==

Years ago, the Bryttle Brothers, cosmic entities of decay and destruction, were
summoned to the Looniverse. It seemed that they had destroyed a number of other
universes by their sheer presence, and that, despite the efforts of heroes and
villains, scientists and magicians, and the greatest of cosmic beings, our world
was doomed to the same fate.

However, Occultism Kid found what seemed to be a way around this; using the full
power of the most powerful cosmic artifacts in existence, he created an
inexpressibly large number of alternate Looniverses, each containing no life at
all except for the LNH, except for the one "furthest away" from the Looniverse,
which also contained the Bryttle Brothers themselves.

The expectation was that these "extra" Looniverses would be destroyed by the
Bryttles over a period of billions of years, and the Bryttles would eventually
arrive in an "original" Looniverse that had reached the end of its natural life
span. However, this did not happen. We cannot be sure why, but our best
hypothesis is that the "furthest" LNH found a way to defeat the Bryttles once
and for all.

As you might expect, the sudden appearance of an enormous number of extra
universes put significant pressure on the structure of the Omnilooniverse,
pressure which was not relieved by the actions of universal destroyers. And the
Omnilooniverse responded, as it does, by narratively reorganizing itself, and
with the creation of the Deep Omnilooniverse.

== Merger and Evolution ==

Due to the nature of the spell Occultism Kid cast, LNHers from one "empty"
universe could merge with their counterparts in another just by traveling there.
But it seems that an unexpected side-effect was that these universes themselves
could merge, quickly and messily, under the multiversal pressure, until those
universes had enough "reality" to them to resist the pressure. In some cases,
hundreds or thousands of "empty" universes merged into one "full" one, with many
other worlds in it, and a unique past and future - a past and future that often
held a startlingly different shape from the Looniverse they were modeled on.

(Notably, many "empty" universes still exist - a staggering number still. It's
unknown as to whether further merger will take place, or if the narrative
demands that the original plotline be maintained in this form.)

== The Deep Omnilooniverse and the Alpha Looniverses ==

Because our Looniverse - here referred to as Looniverse-A - was the origin point
of this change, and is suspected to be the origin point of the Omnilooniverse
itself, the Omnilooniverse reorganized itself relative to our world. Those more
like it - "normal" universes full of net.heroes and running narratively along
the ethos of the superhero genre - became the Alpha Looniverses, while the
"stranger" universes, including many of the "new" universes resulting from
merger, became the Deep Omnilooniverse.

While inter-universal travel is never easy, once you find a method of doing so,
it usually reliable; if the Penguin of Goon is capable of taking you to the
Gooniverse, it can do so the same way every time. Not so with travel between the
Alpha Looniverses and the Deep Omnilooniverse; the two multiversal structures
seem to have opposing "angle" and "spin", meaning that Deep Omnilooniverse
worlds are in constant fifth- and sixth-dimensional "motion" relative to our
world. Thus, a portal from Looniverse-A to Looniverse-Bael may connect to
Looniverse-Murmur next time, or to no Looniverse at all.

The exception to this is Looniverse-Astaroth, the world once known as alt.comics.
lnh. Due to the way that a.c.lnh is "locked" to Looniverse-A and the greater rec.
arts.comics.creative multiverse, it can be accessed from any point in
Looniverse-A, and from Looniverse-Astaroth, any point in the Deep Omnilooniverse
may be accessed - provided you have the requisite dimensional travel
arrangements. Of course, Loonivearth-Astaroth itself has far more mundane
dangers, which make travel there as narratively exciting as one may expect.

== Known Worlds ==

Some worlds that LNH members have visited before may have "migrated" as the Deep
Omnilooniverse formed and become less accessible. The one example that has been
personally verified is the Oddball Looniverse, once a quasi-real formation of
Astral Plane matter, now structurally reified as Looniverse-Orobas.

== More Information ==

The logs of Doctor Stomper and Multi-Tasking Man's travels thru the Deep
Omnilooniverse are available upon request (HHS-01 thru -08). The Defender of the
Deep Omnilooniverse, Captain LNH, has, when schedules allowed, also recorded
some of her personal observations (WKL-A thru -E).

Drew "worldbuilding!" Nilium

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