LNH: Hungry, Hungry Sabertooths! #7.5 (or 2pi+1?): "The Cosmic Confusion Clusterfight"

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On 10/16/20 5:12 PM, Jeanne Morningstar wrote:
> #7.5: "The Cosmic Confusion Clusterfight"


> A Classic LNH tale of clarifications and conniptions, by Jeanne Morningstar


> "Why are we recapping the plot?" said Simplicity. "There's no one reading this 
> who hasn't read the previous issues!"

X3 Look,

> "Look," said Jeanne, retracting their demonic chainsword symbiote

It's a symbiote! <3.<3

> and returning 
> to their regular form, "this cascade has a huge number of plot threads, and 
> Simplicity, if you kill me now, those plot threads will still be unfinished and 
> the whole thing will still be incredibly complicated.

Believe me, Simplicity, we've *all* seen how this goes.

> "And you--" they said, turning to Dr. Dreaded Deadline Doom--"I can't finish 
> anything if you're pressuring me. We've been over this.

LEGIT. @-@;

> "Well, for one thing 90s Comics Kid--that's the correct form of their name--was 
> supposed to be nonbinary.

YES :3 :3 :3

> I didn't have a way to fit this into that issue, but they also have a 
> morally-ambiguous counterpart called Theater Kid who comes from a similar 
> timeline, except the only surviving comics were early 90s Vertigo comics."


> "No!" said Simplicity. "No more alternate timeline counterparts!"


> "Second, I didn't consciously realize this until, again, the 
> moment after I posted the issue, but the reason the contingency plan Ultimate 
> Ninja set up exists was so that the LNH could avoid a repeat of Infinite April. 
> You know, when UN left and the entire thing just went down the tubes."
> "Fair." Simplicity nodded. "This is the kind of storyline connection that 
> actually simplifies things."

Yes, exactly! :D

> "No! No more sleep! First you must--finish the story!" declaimed Dr. Dreaded 
> Deadline Doom.
> "OK, fine," said Jeanne. They sat back down and opened their laptop. They put 
> their fingers on the keyboard and rehearsed the words they'd write. Nothing 
> happened.
> They stretched out. They rehearsed the words in their head again and worked up 
> the resolution to write them.
> Nothing happened.

This is *definitely* what happens when I'm pressuring myself to write.

> "There's something in here!" said Simplicity. He reached out for his flaming sword.
> "This must be the work of an enemy stand!" said Jeanne.

omg X3

> It was a presence that had been haunting them for a long time: Ennui of the 
> Finishless, twin sibling of Enthusiasm.

:D :D :D YES! Goodgoodgood

> Jeanne began to wrack their brains to figure out a clever strategy using the 
> combined powers of everyone in the room to defeat Ennui.
> "Begone sibling!" said a quiet yet resonant voice. "I must speak with these three."
> Or a blatant deus ex machina, that could work too.


> This could only be Editing, also of the Finishless, the being 
> whose thankless task it was to stitch together an universe that ran on 
> spur-of-the-moment creative inspiration into something vaguely resembling 
> coherence.

Oh, big mood

> "Now," said Editing, "this Writer is correct--"
> "Hell yeah I am!" said Jeanne. Editing glared at them and they were silent.


> "It'll take a lot more than that to get rid of me," said Simplicity, brandishing 
> his sword.
> "What are you even doing here?" said Editing. "By traveling into this layer of 
> reality, did you not complicate the plot--breaking your own essential purpose."
> Simplicity frowned (a somewhat hard thing to do without a face) and shook his 
> fist. "Damn it! OK, fine."

heeheeheehee :3
> Of course. There was a faction on the board which shared his goals, which he 
> would grant a portion of his power.
> The 
> LNH-Readers-Who-Are-Sick-To-Death-With-These-Damn-Neverending-Events-Liberation 
> Front!

NICE! :D That really does tie things together.

> Ennui was originally Drew's idea, hinted at in the Letters Page storyline of Kid 
> Review. The Finishless were created by Scav and the LNHRWASTDWTDNELF by Arthur. 
> Everything else in this issue was mine.

Yessssss :3

Drew "The Finishless, I love it so" Nilium

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