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GODLING # 59  The Inspection by J. Vandersteen 


A hipster coffee place in New Troy. Godling is sitting at a table together with Doc Proton. Doc Proton is dressed in is superhero outfit, white spandex and red sunglasses.
   Godling tells Doc Proton, "It's good to see you. Always nice to talk to someone in the same business. Not many of us around."
   "I don't actually see myself as a superhero like you," Doc Proton says. "I'm more of a scientist/explorer who just happens to take on a monster or supervillain every now and then."
   "You do a pretty good job of that, though."
   "Thanks. I have been following that whole affair with your supervillain jail with interest. Figured what the court said about that might have some effect on that kind of stuff in my city."
   "Well, luckily it all went well in the end."
    Doc Proton hold up his steaming cup. "I just love these fancy coffees, don't you?"
    "Actually, I just like it black and old-fashioned."
    "You're an old-fashioned kind of guy."
    "Can't argue with that."
    The waitress, a woman in her late thirties with red hair walks over to their table and says, "Sorry to disturb you... But I need some help. And I think you're about the only ones who can help me."
    "Really? What is your problem then?" Godling asked.
    "My son... He's eleven years old but he seems to be manifesting... superpowers..."
    That gets Doc Proton's attention. "Really? Fascinating. What kind of powers?"
    "He can change the way he looks. And he can walk on the ceiling or walk up the wall. It's so very weird. I don't know where those powers come from or what we should do with them."
    "And you or his father don't have any... special abilities?" Doc Proton asks.
   "I don't. And I'm afraid I don't know who the father is. Eleven years ago I had a pretty... wild... life. I cleaned up my act as soon as I got pregnant though."
   "I would be happy to examine your son," Doc Proton says.
   "We'll see how we can help the boy deal with these powers," Godling says.
   "My shift ends in an hour. Will you come along with me then?" the waitress asks.
   "Sure," the heroes say.
   "Good. By the way, my name is Peggy."
   Peggy walks back to the counter where she works.
   "That sounds interesting," Doc Proton says. "It's not every day you encounter a new superpowered being."
   "I can hear you don't live in New Troy," Godling says.
   "True," Doc Proton says. "But I'm sure you don't meet that many that aren't masked supervillains and have been created by your old archenemy, Master Destiny."
   "I guess," Godling admits.
An hour later the heroes and Peggy are in her home. She introduces them to her son, a normal looking teen with red hair and freckles. "This is my boy, Tommy."
   "Wow! Godling and Doc Proton... Amazing!" he says.
   "We heard you can do some pretty amazing things yourself," Godling says. "Care to show us?"
   "Sure," the boy says and transforms into Godling.
   "Incredible!" Doc Proton says and hastily gets a small device from his belt, scanning Tommy.
   "What are you doing?" Peggy asks.
   "Don't worry, this will do no harm at all," Doc Proton says.
   "I've never seen anything like that, that's for sure," Godling says.
   Tommy changes back to himself again. He says, "I can also do this." And he puts a foot against the wall, then the other one and he just walks on it, until he is at the ceiling and hangs there upside down.
   "How do you do that?" Doc Proton wonders.
   Tommy shrugs. "I don't know, I just do."
   Then... CRASH! The wall is broken down, bricks flying.
   "What the Hades?" Godling say.
   From the newly created hole in the wall step three men. They are wearing blue spandex with white gun belts. They are wearing white gloves and white boots. Their faces are red, but humanoid. Their eyes are yellow.
   "Who are you?" Doc Proton asks.
   "We are taking the boy," one of the men says. He is wearing some a large emblem that looks like a star on his belt.
   "No you're not," Godling says. "Tell us who you are?"
   "The boy is one of us. At least a hybrid. I am his father and I'm taking him home now his powers have matured. He will be sure to be a great warrior on our planet," the alien with the star says. "I am Captain R'Ax."
   "I don't want to go to no planet," Tommy says.
   "Father? You mean I..." Peggy stammers.
   "Yes, I seduced you eleven years ago with my shapechanging powers to produce a R'zazz-Human hybrid. Quite the interesting experiment, I tell you," R'ax says.
   "That's sick!" Godling says. "That kid's going nowhere I tell you!"
   "Very well. We do this the hard way," R'ax says and he draws his gun. A laser blasts fires from it.
   Chanelling the invulnerability of Achilles, Godling jumps right into the blast, taking it on the chest. He grabs R'ax by the wrist and tries to disarm him.
   R'ax kicks Godling away from him. The other two aliens walk against the wall, towards Tommy.
   "No you don't!" Godling says and flies up. "Doc, take care of R'ax!"
   "Will do," Doc Proton says and splits himself up in six smaller version of him. The all punch and kick at R'ax who is surprised to be surrounded all of a sudden. He drops the gun.
   Godling drags one of the aliens from the wall, throwing him into a table. The third alien has managed to get near to Tommy however and has his arm wrapped around his throat.
   "Let him go!" Godling says.
  "No way!" the alien says and he uses his shapeshifting powers to elongate his arm and punch the flying Godling in the face. Godling falls down.
  The alien that captured Tommy draws his gun and fires it at Godling. Using the speed of Hermes the hero evades the blast and quickly picks up the gun R'ax dropped. He aims it at the alien.
  "No way you can hit me without hitting the boy," the alien says. "Drop it."
  "You drop it. With the powers of Ares I can fire any weapon better than any man... or alien," Godling says, his aim not wavering for a second.
  "Die!" the aliens says and fires at Godling.
  Godling fires as well, the laser blast catching the alien on the shoulder, who falls down. The alien's shot misses Godling who uses Ares' expert evasive maneuvers to avoid it.
  As the alien comes down Godling takes him out with a well-aimed martial arts punch. The alien that went down on the table is getting up, changing his fists into sharp objects.
   The alien then puts his sharp fists against Peggy's neck.
   "You really like taking hostages, don't you? Cowards!" Godling says.
   Then an elongated arms shoots through the air, fist connecting with the alien who stumbles and falls down. The fist belongs to Tommy, saving his mother.
   "Good move," Godling says and takes down the alien with a flying kick.
   All six Doc Protons are meanwhile sitting on an unconscious R'ax. "That takes care of the last of them."
   "Oh, thank you! I was so lucky you were here. I can't imagine them taking my boy with them in outer space!" Peggy says, crying.
   "Sometimes a little bit of luck is all you need. I'm going to lock up these aliens in Tartarus II and they won't be bothering anymore," Godling says.
   "And I would like to have Tommy visit me at my lab so we can help him deal with his powers," Doc Proton says.
   "Thank you, yes," Peggy says.
   "That worked out well," Doc Proton says to Godling.
   "Yes, I guess," the One Man Pantheon says. But he thinks, For now... But what if the other of these aliens come looking for their buddies?


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