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> GODLING # 59  The Inspection by J. Vandersteen

Oh, hey, Godling's back! :D It's been so long!

>     Godling tells Doc Proton, "It's good to see you. Always nice to talk to someone in the same business. Not many of us around."
>     "I don't actually see myself as a superhero like you," Doc Proton says. "I'm more of a scientist/explorer who just happens to take on a monster or supervillain every now and then."

I wonder what he explores! And sciences!

>      The waitress, a woman in her late thirties with red hair walks over to their table and says, "Sorry to disturb you... But I need some help. And I think you're about the only ones who can help me."
>      "Really? What is your problem then?" Godling asked.
>      "My son... He's eleven years old but he seems to be manifesting... superpowers..."
>      That gets Doc Proton's attention. "Really? Fascinating. What kind of powers?"
>      "He can change the way he looks. And he can walk on the ceiling or walk up the wall. It's so very weird. I don't know where those powers come from or what we should do with them."
>      "And you or his father don't have any... special abilities?" Doc Proton asks.
>     "I don't. And I'm afraid I don't know who the father is. Eleven years ago I had a pretty... wild... life. I cleaned up my act as soon as I got pregnant though."
>     "I would be happy to examine your son," Doc Proton says.
>     "We'll see how we can help the boy deal with these powers," Godling says.

Very straightforward, even blunt, but definitely gets across everything needed.

>     "That sounds interesting," Doc Proton says. "It's not every day you encounter a new superpowered being."
>     "I can hear you don't live in New Troy," Godling says.


>     "We are taking the boy," one of the men says. He is wearing some a large emblem that looks like a star on his belt.
>     "No you're not," Godling says. "Tell us who you are?"
>     "The boy is one of us. At least a hybrid. I am his father and I'm taking him home now his powers have matured. He will be sure to be a great warrior on our planet," the alien with the star says. "I am Captain R'Ax."

GASP! >:o

>     "I don't want to go to no planet," Tommy says.

I mean technically

>     "Will do," Doc Proton says and splits himself up in six smaller version of him. The all punch and kick at R'ax who is surprised to be surrounded all of a sudden.

As would anyone! That's a neat power.

>     "Let him go!" Godling says.
>    "No way!" the alien says and he uses his shapeshifting powers to elongate his arm and punch the flying Godling in the face. Godling falls down.


>     The alien then puts his sharp fists against Peggy's neck.
>     "You really like taking hostages, don't you? Cowards!" Godling says.
>     Then an elongated arms shoots through the air, fist connecting with the alien who stumbles and falls down. The fist belongs to Tommy, saving his mother.

Nice! :D

>     "That worked out well," Doc Proton says to Godling.
>     "Yes, I guess," the One Man Pantheon says. But he thinks, For now... But what if the other of these aliens come looking for their buddies?

I mean, indeed. o3o

Drew "lots of thoughts on Godling bubbling back up..." Perron

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