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Fri Jul 13 21:16:56 PDT 2018

*digs self out of busy and emotions* OMG Tom is back! :D Hiiiii!

On 7/8/2018 11:28 PM, Tom Russell wrote:
> It's been a while!


> As some of you know, I am now a full-time board game designer and publisher, specializing in  > military history games. You would think that this would give me ample time 
for hobby writing,
> since I no longer have to work a "normal" dayjob, but the opposite is true - it's games all day 
> long. (I'm not complaining!)

Being self-employed is Hard.

> In 2016, before board games became my full-time beat, I started writing a new series for RACC. I
> didn't post any of it because I wanted to finish the first arc; that way I wouldn't write myself into  > any corners with earlier issues that I couldn't revise.

Sensible, though it does create the possibility of this very situation (don't I 
know it).

> That being the case, my intention is to post one issue a week for the next eight weeks.

Hell yeah <3

> So, you're probably wondering what it is! "Mancers" is a series that comes out several Mighty Medley > stories, and ties in - eventually, though not precisely in this arc - to the 
wider Pulse War > mega-arc.

Fuck You Rainshade:tm:

> It's closer to a superhero thing than it is to other things, but without the outside trappings of  > superhero things - no costumes or codenames. It's a team book of sorts, only 
there are two teams, one> of which is probably closer to being the good guys and 
one which is probably closer to being the bad
> guys, though the good guys aren't all that good and, perhaps, some of the bad guys aren't all that 
> bad, and their time on the page is about fifty-fifty.

Innnnnteresting. I look forward to exploring your take on it. :>

Drew "pantsmancy" Perron

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