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On Saturday, July 14, 2018 at 12:16:56 AM UTC-4, Drew Perron wrote:

> > So, you're probably wondering what it is! "Mancers" is a series that comes out several Mighty Medley > stories, and ties in - eventually, though not precisely in this arc - to the 
> wider Pulse War > mega-arc.
> Fuck You Rainshade:tm:

So, about that.

The first arc takes place in the tailend of 2014, running somewhat concurrently with the Darkhorse mini (though you won't see any overlap there plot-wise).

It takes place well before the Cal solo adventure and related back-ups, where Rainshade got rather TERFy and poor Featherweight got fridged. The most unfortunate part of that is that the story didn't get finished, because that's when I had my car accident and the Medley ceased to exist. The very next issue would have had an installment in which Featherweight gets better (there's a twist there but in that it kinda ties obliquely into some of the stuff coming in Mancers, I'm not going to spoil it here), and becomes super-integral to the storyline.

But I'm really, really unlikely to finish that story, at least in that format. What's more likely to happen is that I'm going to fold it into the Daylighters series*, starting it over from scratch, and if the Featherweight memory wipe factors into the story, it's going to be more akin to the Kate Morgan wipe from the Darkhorse series - Rainshade won't have the TERFy overtones.

And, I mean, those were on purpose - that's who I thought that character was. I've learned more about her in the last couple years and I don't think it feels in character for her at this point. She's still running around doing terrible things for dubious reasons, but those reasons aren't about exclusion and hatred.

Speaking of retcons, the Medley story "The Company Man" is not really canon at this point, insomuchas the story has been folded into the Mancers series, and the company man in question has had his name changed from Donald to David. Consider it an alternate version of these events, an echo of a parallel universe.

[* - At the rate I'm going, the Daylighters series will launch in like 2030.]


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