Tom Russell joltcity at gmail.com
Sun Jul 8 20:28:37 PDT 2018

It's been a while!

As some of you know, I am now a full-time board game designer and publisher, specializing in military history games. You would think that this would give me ample time for hobby writing, since I no longer have to work a "normal" dayjob, but the opposite is true - it's games all day long. (I'm not complaining!) What writing I do get done is largely regaled to our company's twice-weekly blog, and of course the rulebooks. Fiction is very seldom something i have time for.

In 2016, before board games became my full-time beat, I started writing a new series for RACC. I didn't post any of it because I wanted to finish the first arc; that way I wouldn't write myself into any corners with earlier issues that I couldn't revise.

I wasn't nearly done in 2017 when I quit my old day job. I wrote some more then, off-and-on, revising the first two issues from 2016 while knocking out four more.

And now, half-way through 2018, I've written the last two issues of that first arc, as well as giving the whole thing another pass for cohesion and style.

That being the case, my intention is to post one issue a week for the next eight weeks.

So, you're probably wondering what it is! "Mancers" is a series that comes out several Mighty Medley stories, and ties in - eventually, though not precisely in this arc - to the wider Pulse War mega-arc. It's about magic and conspiracies and double agents. It's scary and funny and grotesque and exciting and creepy. I think.

It's closer to a superhero thing than it is to other things, but without the outside trappings of superhero things - no costumes or codenames. It's a team book of sorts, only there are two teams, one of which is probably closer to being the good guys and one which is probably closer to being the bad guys, though the good guys aren't all that good and, perhaps, some of the bad guys aren't all that bad, and their time on the page is about fifty-fifty.

Anyway! Posting the first one tomorrow night. Hope you all enjoy.



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