LNH: Classic LNH Adventures #3: The Three Day Lull Part 3

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On 2/2/2016 8:58 PM, Arthur Spitzer wrote:
> Also appearing in this part is Joltin' Jeff McCoskey who originally
> started writing under the PULP imprint.  This was his first modern day
> age LNH story and first crack at writing Catalyst Lass and the Hooded
> Ho`'od Win both of whom would later star in his LNH Triple Play series.

Oh, wow. I didn't realize we were still before that.

>    Curly couldn't quite place the name.  "Zarchazum?" he said as
> Radioactive Dude's hands closed around his throat.
>    Radioactive Dude suddenly hesitated.  "No ... wait ... you're ..."
>    "Curly!" Curly said with a smile.
>    Radioactive Dude released his grip on Curly.  "Yes ... Curly.
> I remember you now."

Well that was anticlimactic.

> "Webs Tor," he snapped into his communicator thingy, "convert to Detector
> and scan me for anomalies."
> "No anomalies detected," the drone responded, "on your person.  However,
> there is an anomaly in the room.  I cannot scan it."

Wait, how does that work

> The communicator thingy grew hot against the Ruler of Men's
> Egos'es wrist

That can*not* be the proper pluralization. :I

> "Not at all, mon petit fromage," the unseen tormenter replied.  "I know
> how your power works.  You undercut the wills of your opponents with the
> power of the Hidden Flame."

Innnnnteresting. This kinda fits with my ideas about Flame - and Lurking.

> "You've been doing some
> useful things for the Legion, but always with a hidden agenda.  You need
> to be careful about that.  Trust me, I know.  I got caught in one of those
> and it took a revamp to get me out."

Oof, I hate that.

> "Uhm, small problem.  If I'm cool enough not to scorch things, I'm
> intangible."
> "Ah," the Interloping Mischief-Maker nodded, adding the information to
> his list of weaknesses.
> "And no fair adding that to my list of weaknesses."


> "Careful, if we overlap our powers will heterodyne and the resulting
> flame would burn you out.  You'd be stuck talking like Little Mary Sunshine."


> You didn't see me
> during your initial assault on the Legion but I was there, watching every
> move you made.  And I'm, uh, keeping your Flame a little lower than it
> usually burns, because I don't feel like getting into an ego-destruction
> war.  Trust me, if your own writer were the one scripting this, you'd be
> doing a whole lot better."

I KNEW IT. (but that's good, that's good)

> "Cause I want to freeze the slurpee machine into a solid block, and
> because you'll get to torment some of the others.  I wanna watch."
> "But, I thought you were a net hero?"
> "Yeah, but that doesn't mean I'm a stuffed shirt.

Chaotic Goodish

>          From around the croner, a vacuously attractive woman

Oh that's an unfortunate phrase.

>          Tsar Chasm's eyebrows shot up.  He couldn't believe as robust a
> personality as Invisible Incendiary would be caught dead in a 'woman's movie.'
> He prepared a caustic remark to relieve his partner.  Before he could utter
> it,
> however, he felt his words transforming into agreement!  He clamped his mouth
> shut in horror.

He's really getting played with; I love it.

>          Fighting the urge to laugh gaily in assent, the Supremor of Self-
> confidence dialed his watch.  He knew what was happening, of course.  Catalyst
> Lass' powers of persuasion were corrupting good judgement, not to mention good
> taste.  "Webster!  Emergency!  Select Reporter and give me a movie review,
> review 'Sleepless in Seattle.'  NOW!"


>          Catalyst Lass rocked back on her heels.  "No . . . h-he can't
> mean . . . I mean Tom Hanks' wife died.  Of course he's sad.  And when Meg
> hears his son on the radio . . . he must be reviewing another movie."
>          "Yes.  The OTHER Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan tearfest."  Tsar Chasm had
> regained his self-control thanks to the timely review.

It's funny because later on there were like ten more

>          "Catch me. I'm fainting.  What're you going to do, summon Kid Kirby
> and Cheezzarr to stop me?  Oh no, I guess not.  They'd just end up fighting each
> other . . ." HHW's eyes grew large under her hood, then clamped shut.
>          >) you cannot pretend to know the forces you toy with . . .(<
>          She appeared to be trying to convince herself.
>          >) . . . but Kid Kirby and Cheezzarr?

Wow, a Cheeezarr reference. Now *that*'s oldschool.

> i wonder . . . NO!  curse you
> Miami Dolphin Man! (<
>          Her voice became even more hollow.
>          >) do not let our paths cross again, lest i bring out the '92
> Indianapolis Colts and we discover together . . . Who`'od Win! (<

Okay! <3

Drew "sure, why not" Perron

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