LNH/PRECOG: The First Page of a New Era!

Drew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Thu Mar 31 05:25:58 PDT 2016

RACCsters, RACConteurs, and RACClings! Do you want ridiculous superhero antics? 
Do you want a low-pressure way to be part of a Whole Big Storytelling Thing? Do 
you actually really love the format of Mighty Medley and wish there was more of 

Well that's good, because I'm totally ripping it off! Introducing:

                   FLASH! LNH Comics Presents Monthly!

That's right, the LNH is getting a monthly anthology of one-page stories! Run 
and edited by yours truly, FLASH! LNH Comics Presents Monthly is going to be a 
way for people to participate in the glorious sandbox of the Omnilooniverse 
without having to get in on a big overcomplicated cascade (unless they want to, 
of course).

The series is open to stories from every iteration of the LNH - Classic, LNH20, 
LNHY, NTB, LNH2, Oddball Looniverse, Gathering of Net.Legends, one of Ben 
Rawluk's old universes if he gives permission - whichever! You can sign up to 
write every month, or just submit stories on the spur of the moment. You can 
write ongoing serials or one-offs. (Or two- or three- or six-offs!) If you're 
interested, write to pwerdna at gmail.com.

I'll be writing plenty of stuff and focusing a lot of LNH-y energy on there, but 
my primary focus will be a Classic LNH serial called "The Core LNH". It'll be 
the "anchor" title of the series, with one one-page chapter at the beginning and 
end of each issue. (I've actually got a good chunk done ahead of time, for once!)

The series isn't starting for a couple months, so you have time to let me know 
if you're up to contribute to our first issue! And also to talk it up in the 
entertainment press so I can make money doing late-night interviews!

Drew "and remember, last day for nominations!" Perron

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