LNH: Classic LNH Adventures #2: The Three Day Lull Part 2

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On 1/26/2016 9:19 PM, Arthur Spitzer wrote:
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Ah, early Dave. It's nice to see how the ones with long, really good writing 
records evolve. (See also Tom.)

>       "...well, I've run through the whole file, and can't find clue one about
> where your old teammates might be.  Maybe they haven't run into the LNH
> recently...heaven knows almost no one thought to keep records back during the
> Kinda Big Darkness Saga when you guys first popped onto the net."
>       "I guess so, but it's hard to believe that my Evil Twin (Tsar Chasm
> marveled at the speaker's ability to make the words sound capitalized) stopped
> the attack on LNHQ.  He only had a few minutes after replacing me to do
> anything."

This bit is a tie-in to ongoing storylines in Constellation at the time! It's 
not that important here.

>       After a short pause, the response came: "No information, sir."
>       "WHAAAT???" yelped Tsar Chasm.  Someone had compromised his own database!

I really do like how often this character whose whole power revolves around 
ridiculous levels of confidence and competence finds himself on the back foot.

>       "Zere are many kindts uf vampyres, herr Chasm.  You are a drainer uff
> pride, uff zoul.  You feed un confidence.  I haff read your files, and standt
> ready to fight you!"
>       "Oh, come now.  That has to be the worst transliterated accent I've ever
> heard.  Is it supposed to be, what, French?"  Tsar Chasm turned his power up
> to 'Puree'.

See? :D

>       In.sig.nificance Lad said, "Your power deflates egos, punctures pride.
> But as In.sig.nificance Lad I remove all ego, all pride, leaving a bland grey
> wash.  I do so gently and inobtrusively, so that people hardly notice it.
> Nothing really matters, least of all your jibes.  Without the shock of a slam
> down from a height, your power really is useless.  You might as well leave,
> there's not much point in hanging around here."

That seems like a power with rather unpleasant splash damage. x-x

>          This in itself was a major accomplishment, as anyone who had ever
> met Curly could have told you.  Curly wasn't so much as dumb as.... well...
>          ummm....
>          ... all right, he was dumb.  Really really dumb.

The original context of how Curly got this way in Integrity Quest really bothers 
me sometimes. `-`; But it was pretty much never referred to later, so it's 
thankfully easy to ignore. (Though... hmm...)

> He had been thinking about it
> for a while now, here under Kid Anarky's bed.  He liked it here.  It was
> nice and warm, and people rarely came in at all.  As a matter of fact, it
> had been days since Curly had left this very spot under the bed.

I mean if I do ignore it, this is pretty damn cute

> Plagued with indecision, he had decided
> to find an old friend of his, one he hadn't seen in many many months.
> Causie.  Lost Cause Boy.  His other friends (Kid Anarky and Panta, and
> some strechie kid) had once had a big talk with him about Causie going to
> sleep, and jumping on clouds, and fishes and toilets, but Curly had
> decided it was too complicated and dismissed it as insignificant.

oh nooooooo ;.;

>          Radioactive Dude looked at this overmuscled bufoon who now looked
> at him with large hopeful eyes.  He looked at Curly.  He looked at
> himself.  He looked at Curly's grin.  He looked at himself sitting on the
> floor.  He looked at Curly's nice blue cape.  And he jumped to the next
> most reasonable conclusion: he didn't know who this person was, but
> violence _had_ to be the solution.
>          RD pounded on Curly, screaming "Die, Tsar Chasm!"

*sad trombone*

Drew "well I can cross January off my catch-up list" Perron

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