LNH/SW10: WikiLull #14: The Disposition of Powers

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Thu Aug 11 14:44:32 PDT 2016

On 8/7/2016 11:11 PM, George Phillies wrote:
> Subject: Re: LNH/SW10: WikiLull #14: The Disposition of Powers
> The HQ keeps blowing up or not.
> This is a job for Quantum Retcon Emperor.
> He has only one superpower.  He cleans up time travel and similar
> confusions by making all pasts...TRUE
> the HQ will be explodiating, and normal, at the same time.  Of course,
> it will also be inside a courtroom..A proper English courtroom, with
> dark polished wood, high ceilings, a judge in ermines and a full wig
> seated on a bundle of wool.  Of course, to judge from her honor's
> distinguished size, not to mention her nasal structure and dentition,
> her parental units were Tyranosaurus Rex, except for the large brain.
> Some people would say this is not a solution. They are Philistines,
> incapable of appreciating the splendiferous majesty of his power.

Ahhhhhh, this is great. XD Okay, okay, hang on, I gotta write something that 
follows on from this. I hope you don't mind a retcon of my own...


"...and that's my plan to fix the LNHQ," said Bad Judgment Boy.

"Isn't that kind of the plot of Retcon Hour?" said one of the guards, rubbing 
her chin skeptically. She stood next to him, in the rocky cave that served as a 
secret sub-basement for Pitt Shadowy Operations Ltd., where they kept the vats 
of green goo that served as incubators for their clones.

"Yeah, it's being reposted on RACC right now!" chirped BJB. "That's where I got 
the idea!"

"Okay, but where do we find the Quantum Retcon Emperor?" said the other guard, 
holding up a lovely watercolor drawing of a Tyrannosaurus Rex in a judge's wig 
and robes.

"What, I gotta think of everything?" BJB shrugged.

The first guard sighed. "Well, look, you can fill out a comment sheet like 
everybody else, after we take you to the lab and they extract the basic elements 
of your biotropes."

"Yay!" Bad Judgment Boy lifted up his wrists to be re-cuffed, and was taken off 
by the guards towards the lab. None of them noticed that one of the tanks was 
empty, drained of green goo and without a subject inside - none would notice, 
for its readouts had been cunningly reprogrammed by its former occupant.

In the shadows, that occupant hid, and thought about what he had heard. A 
brilliant plan to save the world - dismissed by the very same forces that had 
created and enslaved him. Injustice piled upon injustice.

But by escaping, by hiding his escape, hadn't he proven his worthiness to affect 
the world? Didn't that make him worthy to *save* it?

Yes! It did, and he would! He would *become* the Quantum Retcon Emperor, and 
save the Looniverse! He would take on the mantle, the responsibility and the 
power of... wIkimus Maximus!

Drew "inspired!" Perron

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