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Sun Nov 29 23:49:43 PST 2015

On 11/28/2015 11:01 PM, George Phillies wrote:
>>>> I awoke at half past dark.  To put it mildly, I hurt.
>>> Hmmmmm. Should we know who this is right now? (The obvious choice is Eclipse,
>>> with the injuries happening in the challenge for the Namestone - but there's
>>> nothing *explicitly* pointing there yet...)
> The first Chapter sets the scene.  We are in a world with superpowers.
> Something that the characters view as earthshattering happens.
> However, Eclipse is the lead character. We really need to get to her
> soon (with a tip of the hat to Frank Chadwick for making this point
> about MinuteGirls.) So we do.  However, Eclipse is in first person, so
> she does not think her own name very often.

I would've just made sure there was some excuse for her to think about - not 
even necessarily her name, but maybe the fact that she has the Namestone? 
Something indentifying - within the first couple paragraphs.

>> Ahhhh, the Skull's a villain, isn't he
> Not really. The Lords of Eternity are really really powerful types. So
> is Morgan La Fey.  As it happens, so is Eclipse.

Hmmmmm! So he's more like Championing A Cause Neutral - sort of like Namor, 
where sometimes he'll work with the heroes and sometimes he'll fight them, 
because he's got his own agenda.

>>> Hmmmmmm... I gotta wonder whether it's a good idea to re-run the scene with her
>> commentary in the chapter right after the scene itself.
> You have an excellent point. There are certainly choices, but
> introducing the heroine really should happen early.  Also her
> perspective on what is happening is rather different from the
> perspective in Chapter One.

Reproducing all the dialogue feels like too much, tho. I'm not sure what to do 
about it, mind you...

Drew "I should really be in bed" Perron

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