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On Thursday, November 20, 2014 9:45:13 PM UTC-5, Andrew Perron wrote:
> On 11/19/2014 8:29 PM, Tom Russell wrote:

> > Calls for saffron a lot, oddly, and
> > it has to be saffron; you know how when you cook, you can use turmeric
> > and paprika in place of saffron?"
> >     Maggie holds her hand flat with the palm down and gives it a "sort
> > of" wobble so as not to be argumentative.
> >     "Can't do that with demons, apparently.
> Turmeric and paprika indeed.


But seriously, saffron's ridiculously expensive.
> >     Maggie's about to say something when she hears the hiss of water in
> > the bathroom. The faucet is running full-blast, and the sink quickly
> > filling up with water. Maggie turns it off, and the water slowly
> > recedes into the basin.
> >     "That's weird," says Lily. "I could've sworn you turned it off before."
> >     "Me too," says Maggie.
> I've got a sinking feeling...


> > The next day, her faeces came out with huge clumps and
> > stringy strands of polyester plush, in addition to pieces of Tyler's
> > flesh and hair.
> Ewgh.

Properly marked ACRA this time around!

> >     Hidden beneath FORBIDDEN DESERT ("we're trying to find pieces of a
> > magic airship scattered in ancient ruins buried beneath the sand, and
> > probably we're going to die of thirst!")
> Oh man. I've got Forbidden Island and it's tons-o-fun.

They're similar games, from the same designer. Island has always struck me as too easy (we've never lost), and it doesn't scratch the same itch as their big brother PANDEMIC. But FORBIDDEN DESERT-- man! It is a seriously hard game to win (we've won *once*). I much prefer it to ISLAND-- if I had to own only one, it'd be DESERT-- but ISLAND is fun too.

> >     "Those are..." She turns around. Her mother and father are standing
> > on the other side of the door. They stare at the pebbles on Lily's
> > face, which now cover half of her forehead. "These are my parents.
> > Mom, Dad; this is Lily."
> >     Her father makes a little grunt. Her mother doesn't say anything.
> > They wham the door shut.
> >     "Charming," says Lily.
> Jeeeeeeeeeeeeez.

Parents, man.

> >     "Do you know how to use it?"
> >     "Not in the slightest," says Lily as if she's proud of the fact.

In her defense, "paying attention" does not seem to be one of her primary attributes.
> >     Secondly, and more to the point, pizza rolls are not really
> > digested. Once swallowed, they do not proceed down the esophagus to
> > the stomach, its "nutrients" are not dispersed throughout the blood
> > stream, it does not go into either intestine. It skips these
> > altogether-- or, to put it a little more directly, it goes in one hole
> > and out the other. And so:
> >     "It's still locked!" cries a panicked Maggie as she tugs at the knob.
> *snerk* Okay that's pretty much the best straightforwardly funny part so far.


> >     And in the cracked glass, Maggie sees a face. The last face she
> > sees before everything goes cold and black.
> >     Tyler's.
> Dun dun... dun?
> Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, hmmmmmm

I'm going to have to take out an ad.

"Of all the series on RACC, NHOP is definitely the most hmmmmmm. If you're looking for hmmmm, this is the right place." - Andrew Perron


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