8FOLD: Mighty Medley # 10, October 2014, by Messrs. Alambre, Brenton, Perron, and Russell

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Sat Nov 8 11:00:33 PST 2014

On 10/1/2014 6:44 AM, Tom Russell wrote:
> "Venting the Cybercore", by Andrew Perron

Man, I forgot I wrote a story with such a cyberpunk title. It's appropriate, 
tho. <3

>     Something is distorting her vibrational field, and she's pretty
> sure it's not that angler fish she ate this morning. (Still shouldn't
> have had it, note to self: angler fish tastes worse than it looks.)

Ugh! o.o

>     Terry trusts her, trusts her with his life, and so he doesn't do
> that annoying thing where he asks questions or tries to help. He
> listens to her immediately, especially when she calls him an idiot.
> (Might make good husband material after all, if she was going to live
> long enough.)

Heeheehee. <3

> She looks across the street for the next
> bullet. This one breaks the window. So he is changing it up. Good. By
> which she doesn't mean good, but the opposite of good.

This is a really cool action sequence.

> Because really, everyone's part of the field; most people just don't
> notice it. She vibrates the air around her, boosting the signal to
> give everyone in ten miles the same lovely about-to-puke experience,
> including the ersatz speedster.
>     In fact, and this is the best part, his stolen speed is going to
> make it even worse. And like all speedsters the first time they notice
> the field, his body's going to react by trying to cancel out the field
> with a counter-vibrational frequency. Or, to put it another way, a
> homing signal.

Awesome. <3 <3 <3 Felt very Mark Waid Flash-y.

>     "No, I shouldn't think so," said Lee hotly, "otherwise you wouldn't
> be talking this... this treason!"
>     And then Joan, whose body was at the upper end of human physical
> ability, simply strode up to Lee and punched him square in the jaw
> before either he or Deidre had time to react.

Awwwwww yeah.

>      "Very well then," said Joan, and took Deidre by the hand.  "We
> step over... *this way*."  And after a few short paces they vanished.
>      And then Lee, who was still someone stunned but was being led by
> the synchronicity of the antibody reaction of an invading reality,
> walked over and followed them through.

Uh-oh! <3 I am enjoying this narrative although I don't tend to say a lot 
about the individual chapters.

> Hank then explained to the Marshal the circumstances of Celine's
> abduction, and the predilections of her captor.
>     "I will assist you in the rescue of your bride," said Three-Nine.
> "Flaying people alive is against the law."

These are two really good paragraphs.

>     "You said you were the law around these parts. Which parts,
> precisely? What's your, uh, jurisdiction?"
>     "Wherever I am located, that is where I am the law."
>     "Convenient."


>     "We find my wife first," insisted Hank. As if to illustrate his
> point, he slammed his fist against the table, breaking it into chunks
> and splinters of wood.
>     "The woman's life is in danger," said Three-Nine.
>     "See," said Strife, "you just had to say that. I'm not heartless.
> You didn't need to... I mean, I'm going to have to pay for that
> table."


>     As the dust settled, they saw a tall man in black, leaning against
> a split-rail fence. His holsters held no guns, just knives.
>     "The man what whittles wood," said Silke.
>     "He whittles more than wood," said Hank. "He's the one took Celine!"
>     The man shook his fist, and passed it lazy-like back and forth
> through the fence like it weren't even there. "I'm the swiftest man
> who lives. Also the deadliest. Perhaps you've heard of me. My name's
> Jack Peake."

GASP. <3 This is pretty great

> Attention all rogues! This is your up-to-the-minute action report!
> Given *on* the hour, *every* hour, by Crime Headquarters!


>     Reliable sources are indicating that Big Casino will be hosting a
> high-stakes poker tournament this weekend. Once-popular celebrities
> and a variety talking-heads will be at the tables, all under the
> hungry eyes of *live* television cameras. Though the broadcast is
> limited to select sports channels, the house is required to have cash
> *on hand* to cover all bets made. It's a small-time spotlight and a
> good day's haul for any act wanting to make a name for themselves!

This is an especially good one for if you want to draw your heroic nemesis out.

>     Some of our loyal listeners may have heard of the priceless diamond
> on display at the Art Gallery this week. What you may not have heard
> is that the diamond is a *fake*! Our hapless police department is
> *completely* baffled as to how and when the real gem was filched. All
> of us here at Crime HQ send out our congratulations to at least one
> nimble-fingered fiend out there!


>     This concludes this hour's crime-sheet! Tune in in *sixty minutes*
> for more iniquitous updates, courtesy of Crime Headquarters!

I love this so much. I need to use it somewhere. <3

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, to crime!

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