LNH: Another LNH Title? Really? #1 -- 'The Ultimate Ninja's Cape!'

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Fri Mar 1 15:33:23 PST 2013

     You know how people are always talking about which stories
would be a good introduction to the LNH for people who aren't
familiar with its particular brand of lunacy?

     Yeah.  This is that story.  It includes the "classic LNH"
characters (including Fred!), great character interactions,
descriptions of LNHQ as a setting, and a typically absurd
LNH villain.

     And it's short enough to be read in a single setting
-- for example, during a meeting at work.  Not that I
did that, or anything...

On Mar 1, 9:02 am, Arthur Spitzer <arspit... at earthlink.net> wrote:

> Sarcastic Lad looked at the Ultimate Ninja and thought about saying
> something and then muttered to himself, "Nah, too easy.  Too easy,"
> before leaving the lobby.

This might be my favorite bit in the whole story.

> "Hahah!!  Yes!!  Capes are cool!!" laughed the mysterious figure.  "You
> see, LNH?  He's totally under my power.  My power -- to make him wear a
> cape!!  And no matter how hard he tries -- no matter how hard -- he
> can't break free.  No.  He can't break free from -- Dr.
> Can-Make-The-Ultimate-Ninja-Wear-a-Cape!!!!!!

It's just amazing the way they hand out doctorates these days.

> "NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!" roared Knife Fight Dude as he rushed towards Dr.
> Can-Make-The-Ultimate-Ninja-Wear-a-Cape tackling him to the ground.  And
> then he plunged his big ass knife several times into the body of Dr.
> Can-Make-The-Ultimate-Ninja-Wear-a-Cape.  Eventually a couple of LNH'rs
> dragged a bloody Knife Fight Dude off of the corpse of Dr.
> Can-Make-The-Ultimate-Ninja-Wear-a-Cape.

Just out of curiosity, is Knife Fight Dude an LNH member these days?
Or does he just hang around the lobby, passing out pamphlets,
asking for change and getting into knife fights?

> And then he looked at his fellow LNH'rs.  "We are never ever going to
> speak about this again.  Ever."

I feel a Taylor Swift parody coming on...

> Anyone can write for this series, although I would ask that you only
> write self-contained stories for this title.

An interesting challenge!  I look forward to seeing who
takes up the mantle next.

Get it?  Mantle?  Cape... oh, forget it...

--Easily-Discovered Man Lite
--Was capeless when capeless wasn't cool

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