SW10: Superhuman World 2012 Annual: Satan Wants His Spine Back!

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Mon Jun 24 12:33:06 PDT 2013

On 06/23/2013 11:09 PM, Andrew Perron wrote:
> On Sat, 22 Jun 2013 07:38:21 +0000 (UTC), Scott Eiler wrote:
> <snip>
>> "Damned blockhead pets!"  The sorceress across the table spouted flame.
>> "Oh, *I* think the pets are to be *commended* for turning the tables on
>> their torturer."  The sorcerer next to her leaned back in his chair and
>> arched his fingers.
> Indeed! <3 A good peek into their moral code.

"Moral *codes*" is a better way to put it.  They all consider themselves 
the only moral being on Earth, so they each write their own.  Brother 
Iain is the Heart of Satan, and so has a tender spot for animals - at 
least if they show some self-reliance.

>> "Indeed, Brother MANIC.  The Wang of Satan usually rebuilds those.  But
>> the recent superhero Raptures have scythed into the Wang's preferred
>> breeding stock.
> That's... really disturbing.

Even compared to, say, raising Snoopy as a Zombie Beast of Satan?  8{D>

>> Bear in mind, our supervision is needed for world
>> politics.  Even though Joe Corrigan has no successor-apparent for the
>> U.S. Presidency, our lackey Trump will need considerable support in his
>> own bid.  And we do yet need to ensure Ellipsis is marginalized.  Though
>> he and his minions are useful for keeping the world running until Our
>> Master can claim it, they should not get too much credit for same."
> Ooooooh. Very thorough! <3 And good point that they'd be thinking about it.

I left out the expository dialogue at first.  But when I decided to call 
the story "Superhuman World 2012 Annual", I realized it should advance 
the SW12 plot at least *somewhat*.

>> Brother Russell said, "Could you perhaps share the details, Brother Auge?"

>> "Would you care to share *more* with us?"
>> "I'll share *everything you want* about that damn dog!  I've got its
>> bones at home!  I dug them up!  It gave me closure before I left town!
>> I'll bring them here and raise the beast for you right now!"  Lucy
>> gestured.  A box appeared.
>> Brother Russell said, "She's going off again..."
> ...wow. Honestly? You've made a significant leap in the quality of your
> dialogue with this story. <3

... Really?  Lucy the Pyro isn't right over the top?  Well, thanks.

>> "So be it.  We shall raise this beast *together* as Limabean the
>> Richthofen's Birthday Miracle Beagle!"
> (...can you just *do* that, *make* a Holiday Miracle Pet that way? I
> suppose so...)

Well, you can *call* it that, but I doubt it has the same powers as 
them.  And I don't think they'll let it play any Holiday Miracle Pet 
games.  8{C>

>> "Excellent.  Summon the Buttocks of Satan."
> The best ending line.

Thanks.  Oh, won't it be fun when the Buttocks of Satan take a dump on 
the Looniverse?  (Actually, if you're in the LNH Author's Group you can 
already see what that dump will be like.  I promise it'll be hot and 

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