STARFALL: Spellbinder #5

William Strickland indomitable.william at
Sun Jan 29 12:55:20 PST 2012

On Jan 28, 10:45 pm, Scott Eiler <sei... at> wrote:
> I've been meaning to comment on this one...

> ... So, basically Chelsea is Darkseid's daughter.  That explains how
> she's such a heavy combat mage.  (Kudos to you for recognizing that most
> magicians are not suited for combat.)

That's an odd conclusion to reach, considering;

>> On 1/23/2012 6:44 PM, William Strickland wrote:
>>"You're sure that's a good idea?" asked the butler. "She came to me asking for help in killing a god. She's killed >>people before, even her own father."

If the Butler of Loud Sorrows is right, this would indicate that
Chelsea's father is in fact dead by her hand, whereas the Dark Lord is
very much alive (much to the sorrow of all involved).

Besides, no spawn of the Dark Lord would *ever* have freckles.
Freckles are totally un-evil. :|

> Good story as always.  Very superhero-campaigny.  Did you have help
> developing it?

Thanks! I was hoping it would come out right.

As to help; not particularly. I work with Phantasm on the setting,
since it (at least the part that happens on Earth) is pretty much his
baby. We hashed out the superhero informal code of don't-screw-this-up-
you-guys together, although it was kind of my idea, as was the
'crossover' storyline.

--Robin Strickland

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