REVIEW: End of Month Reviews #96 - December 2011 [spoilers]

Saxon Brenton saxonbrenton at
Mon Jan 23 22:11:39 PST 2012

[me babbling about story repeat-itis]
> Yeah, imagine if somebody were to attempt to reboot the LNH by
> retelling the origins of Irony Man and Sing Along Lass. Wow, that
> would suck. :)
Nah.  To my mind at least there's a quantifiable difference between, 
on the one hand, retelling the origin stories in a special or a 
miniseries so that it doesn't interfere with actual new storyteling, 
and on the other hand retelling the origin stories in the main series 
and using up valuable publishing time in the process.  I have a 
preference for the "[Fill-in-character-name here]: Year One" model 
that you used in your LNHX origins.  (For the long form retellings, 
anyway.  The short recap form of half- to maybe two pages that happens 
as a recollection mid-story is something else again.)
[schism of Catalyst Lass into Catalyst Lass and Hell Catalyst]
> I said at the time and still say that this was a mistake. Jameel
> objected to Catalyst Lass reading romance novels on the basis that he
> thought Catalyst lass was intelligent but who says that a person can't
> read romance novels and still be intelligent? Well, granted, if she
> were to ever read Twilight...
That was just a bit before my time, so I may not have the full details, 
but I tend to agree with you.  In addition to the 'too intelligent to 
read romance novels' angle (willing suspension of disbelief to immerse 
oneself in the setting will cover that), I'm also recalling the way 
that various people wrote the character of Master Blaster in the open 
series he briefly had a few years ago, where different writers focused 
on different parts of his character, making him a more rounded figure.
In the same way I thought Catalyst Lass having a hobby rounded her out 
as well.
Saxon Brenton

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