[META] RACC-con 2012: The finalising of details

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Thu Feb 16 20:15:13 PST 2012

On 2/16/2012 6:13 PM, Scott Eiler wrote:

> That many of us could probably negotiate a hotel rate, if we all stayed
> together. Might even get a free banquet room there, provided it's
> attached to the hotel restaurant. I could take the lead in organizing
> that, if we can agree on a neighborhood. Rob will need to advise on the
> neighborhood, though.

Presumably we need something near Bay Area Rapid Transit.  And something 
cheap.  Initial indications are, the two shall be hard to meet.

Grand champion cheapness seems to be, northern neighborhoods of Oakland. 
  Which are probably scary.  Hotels within walking distance of the rapid 
transit seem to cost two to three times that much.  The compromise 
solution, at hotels near the end of the transit lines which have hotel 
shuttles, would be near $100 USD per night.

So, how cheap do we need?

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