[META] RACC-con 2012: The finalising of details

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Thu Feb 16 23:27:55 PST 2012

On Feb 16, 6:13 pm, Scott Eiler <sei... at eilertech.com> wrote:
> On 2/16/2012 4:59 PM, Saxon Brenton wrote:

> Rob, where is it you live?  A compromise might be appropriate, somewhere
> in the East Bay.  Oakland or Berkeley would be ideal for me, because I'm
> probably taking the train down and hopping off in Emeryville.  And
> Berkeley might be halfway affordable in July.  Plus, accessible to
> public transit.

I live in Benicia, which is about 45 minutes from San Francisco
-- by ferry.  We do have a number of hotels here (there's a
Best Western across the street from our house, in fact)
though it's a bit out-of-the-way for those who might want to take
advantage of San Francisco's nightlife.

On the other hand, we are just a few minutes from the vineyards
of Napa and Sonoma...

As for accommodations elsewhere , I'd argue for Berkeley over Oakland.
I do know a few people in the hospitality industry; if enough people
sign on for this, I might be able to get us a good rate in San
Francisco.  For those who are willing to be enterprising, there's
also Air BnB (which allows you to rent a room in someone's
home while they are away): http://www.airbnb.com/.

And if enough people are interested, there's also Vacation
Rentals By Owner, which allows you to rent a whole house
for a few days... http://www.vrbo.com/

> > Also, how long are we talking about?  Am I safe in assuming
> > several days of hanging out, goofing off, sightseeing amd maybe
> > a writing jam session?
> Even for me I'd like to plan on a whole week to make it worth the trip,
> and I'm practically local.  The question is, how much of that week do we
> want to spend together?  I think many of us would prefer to not take
> that much time off work, even those who have to travel.  So they might
> take off early.  As such i suspect RACC Con 2012 will take up a
> traditional convention weekend, Friday night to Sunday afternoon.  In
> subsequent days, I could stick around and play California tour guide.  I
> do have San Francisco experience.

I really like the idea of a writing session.  And I'd be happy to play
tour guide, too -- in addition to the city, I'd love to be able to
take folks for a wine tour, or for a trip to the redwoods at Muir
Woods, or a generalized tour of Places Used As Location
Shots in X-Men 3...

> > Anything else that needs to be organised in advance?

Well, we could always print up a few T-shirts with
Scav's "LNH" logo on it...

--Rob Rogers
--Likes the idea of all of us meeting up
for the first time at United Nations Plaza
--Though that's not such a great
neighborhood, either...

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