LNH20: LNH20 Comics Presents #12

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> LNH20 Comics Presents #12:
> "Chaos Reigns"

Why do I get the feeling that Ralph Oancitizen should review this

> He was so lost in thought that he almost fell off the edge of the
> city. Abruptly he slammed the breaks and the car screeched to a halt
> just in time. Where the road ought to be, he saw a bank of clouds.
> Acres of farmland stretched out below.


> Lawrence got out of his car and ran for his life. Soon other people
> started to notice as well. Panic spread like wildfire throughout
> Netropolis as its citizens realized it was floating in midair.


> The other Elder Gods had, with great difficulty, talked Gosub-Nogudwat
> out of sending her Dork Young to deal with the matter just yet.
> Instead, they had chosen as their emissary a being who had much
> experience with this world and was deeply woven into its history. A
> being who could thrive in the chaos that was growing in Netropolis,
> but also had his own unique form of order.  They had all agreed at
> last when they realized it gave them a chance to get him out of their
> hair.

Hey wasn't that the name of the elder god that I had wanted to use but
forgot the name of? (She was still the same "person" in the great
catastrophy #2)

> "Great Curt Swan's ghost! I have the strangest feeling I'm in two
> places at once!"
> ***
> "Great Curt Swan's ghost! I have the strangest feeling I'm in two
> places at once!"

So he's awake on Derse now is he?

And that's all I got.

James "The Cat King" Mason, Man it's so great when you are right and
also better than everyone else.

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