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Thu Feb 9 10:27:19 PST 2012

On Feb 9, 4:30 am, Martin Phipps <martinphip... at yahoo.com> wrote:

>   "This is a bit too complicated for me," Doc Nostalgia complained.
>   "It is quite simple," the Cranium said.  "Suppose you have a spoon
> in a box.  Is the spoon of destiny?  Before you open the box you don't
> know.  You can open the box and find that the spoon inside is the
> spoon of destiny or you can open the box and find that the spoon
> inside is not the spoon of destiny.  Before you open the box then, is
> it the spoon of destiny or not?"

Oh the Schrödinger's cat thing, You should have had David tell them
about it.

>   "So do they take turns being the spoon of destiny?" Doc Nostalgia
> asked.
>   "That is one interpretation," the Cranium said, "although it does
> not accurately describe what may actually be happening."

Hey bob you want to be the spoon now? Sure I fell like it.

>   "What it means is that anyone who wants to possess the spoon of
> destiny needs to have all the spoons," Fearless Leader said.  "That's
> the only way of knowing if you have the spoon at all."
>   "So how many spoons are we talking about?"
>   Fearless Leader, January Frost and the Cranium all shrugged
> shoulders.
>   "So is this a good thing or a bad thing?" Doc Nostalgia asked.
>   "A bad thing," January Frost said.  "If the individual spoons are
> objects of power then imagine what someone could do with all of them!"

Well you could have most of the spoons and have the spoon for most of
the time, Of course that's if the theory about the spoons switching
being the spoon of destiny is true or not.

James "The Cat King" Mason, quantum mechanics is not nice to spoons.

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