META: RACCcon 2012: On the Naming of Beds...

Scott Eiler seiler at
Tue Apr 3 18:58:27 PDT 2012

Maybe I'd better give some e-mail from Saxon a boost.

On 4/3/2012 6:42 PM, Saxon Brenton wrote:
 > Right then.
 > I'm feeling a bit tired because of the preparations for the UTS
 > Library's Edible Book Festival event.  (I think that my electric
 > sheep shaped cake was passable.)  Now that that's out of the way,
 > let's get down to business with the RACCcon.
 > I went to the travel agent and made bookings and payments yesterday,
 > and should be getting the paperwork for tickets and insurance next
 > week.  I'll email Rob the exact details when those arrive in my hot
 > little hands.
 > However, in the meantime I want to make an announcement for room
 > availability.  Inspired by Scott's generous offer to help fund
 > any travellers-on-a-budget, I decided to book a room with two beds
 > rather than a single.  This was not a big deal; it's actually
 > slightly cheaper by a few tens of dollars to get the double room
 > with two queen beds rather than the single with one king.

Heh.  I noticed that too.

 > Anyway, I throw this open to any RACCcon possible participants
 > who may be wavering on issues of cost:  I have a double bed room
 > booked at the Best Western Heritage Inn in Benicia for Thurs 28 June
 > 2012 to Sat 7 July 2012.  I am willing to share this with any regular
 > rec.arts.comics.creative participant for between no cost to token
 > cost  (in the unlikely event of multiple 'starving writers in a
 > garrett' putting in for this, priority should probably go to the
 > most cash-starved RACC.con.teer).  Same limitations as for Scott's
 > offer: person must have posted a story to RACC in the last year.

I have a spare bed too, though my room activates on Friday night.  I'll 
make the same offer as Saxon for Friday and Saturday nights, because I 
know conventions and crash space go together.

 > ---
 > Saxon Brenton
 > Reading: Just finished 'I Sold My Soul On eBay: Viewing Faith
 > Through An Atheist's Eyes' by Hemant Mehta

My new reading is a newly-acquired crate of old Archie comics.  Even at 
an accelerated rate of reading Archie comics, this could last me years, 
if not decades.  But I now know the difference between the Archies' rock 
group roster on the cartoon show and their roster in the comics.

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