LNH/Meta: Reboot Redux

Dave Van Domelen dvandom at eyrie.org
Mon Oct 31 10:35:22 PDT 2011

In article <9b81a43b-953f-4c90-bc92-69bd2032ecba at j19g2000pro.googlegroups.com>,
EDMLite  <robrogers72 at gmail.com> wrote:
>First things first: Happy Halloween, everybody!
>My other suggestion is that we stick with characters
>that we either created ourselves (both established and
>new; I'm excited to see what Andrew is coming up with)
>or that are very clearly public domain.

     Yes.  The early days saw a LOT of characters used without permission,
sometimes even explicitly against the desires of the creators.  Since
Altimate LNH has at least part of its goal as "simplify this huge mess of
characters," I'd suggest being extra-scrupulous about leaving out any
character who is not public-domain and whose creator hasn't *specifically*
released them for this project.  If that means you can't use Mouse because
Jaelle isn't answering emails, or can't use Rebel Yell because Scav is
ignoring RACC, so be it.  There's loads of characters to pick from just using
the people who have confirmed their participation.  "But I have this great
idea for Character Z!" isn't a good enough reason to alienate someone who may
still be around if inactive.

     Dave Van Domelen, a zany attitude towards continuity need not bring with
it an equally loose view of creators' rights.

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