LNH/Meta: Reboot Redux

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Mon Oct 31 10:04:02 PDT 2011

First things first: Happy Halloween, everybody!

Here are a few thoughts that occurred to me this
morning.  Take them for what it's worth...

As I understand it, the idea for the "rebooted" LNH
(for those who want to participate) is to imagine what
the LNH might be like if it came into being today.
I think Martin nailed it when he said it would be like
the "Ultimate" version of the LNH (although, since
we don't have Mark Millar or Jeph Loeb in the group,
it will probably be a lot less violent.  Though it should
still include Shannon Elizabeth).

We've had a lot of discussion of what the overarching
plot should be, or who the villains of the piece should
be... My thought is that we start by deciding which
characters each of us would like to write, and how
we'd like to interpret that character for 2012.  Once
we have a sense of who's playing whom (to put it in
RPG terms), we can figure out what setting, villains,
etc. might be appropriate.

For example: Cynical Lass (Joy Castlewick) is a
17-year-old exchange student from London who
has the power to influence emotions -- a power that
both thrills and terrifies her, though she hides her fear
beneath a mask of cynicism.  She meets a mentor
who agrees to help her control her powers, but only
if she agrees not to become a super-hero.  As threats
to Net.ropolis of all kinds become more intense,
however, she's not sure if she made the right choice...

My other suggestion is that we stick with characters
that we either created ourselves (both established and
new; I'm excited to see what Andrew is coming up with)
or that are very clearly public domain.

As well as Shannon Elizabeth, of course.

--Rob Rogers
--Is now imagining "Shannon Elizabeth as Dr. Killfile..."

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