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Mon Aug 22 07:10:08 PDT 2011

On 2011-08-22, at 7:13 AM, Andrew Perron wrote:

> On Fri, 19 Aug 2011 20:45:24 +0000 (UTC), Wil Alambre wrote:
>> He looked at the adult, a tall bald man in wide wrap-around shades that 
>> swam with oil-slick colours. He seemed to be dressed in an astronaut's 
>> suit, complete with a huge black-visored helmut tucked under one arm. But 
>> the suit was all wrong, made of words and sentences and metaphors rather 
>> than sensible materials.
> Oooooooh.  How Grant-Morrison-Doom-Patrol.

I just finished reading Grant Morrison's "Supergods", where in he talks about his experimentations with entering into comic book universes to interact with the characters he is writing. He called it a "fiction suit". Since I am a big fan of Morrison, his work, his book, and the out-there concept of exploring fictional worlds, the Fictionaut is a nod to all that. :)

>> "You two, you're visiting?" asked the bicyclist as he counted out the change.
>> "Yes!" answered the boy proudly, trying his best to tear open the popsicle 
>> wrapping. "This is our first time in Net.ropolis! My name is Billy. This is 
>> Grant."
> ...hm. o.o

I loved comics books when I was young. We had only one proper comic book shop in the town I grew up in (and in retrospec, it was surprising to have even that one). I would save up my money every week and then run over and pick up as many new books and back issues as I could afford. :)

I don't remember being as popsicle obsessed, though.

>> Billy jogged over to a nearby bench and sat down, taking a moment to make 
>> whooshing-zooming actions with his popsicle before jamming it into his 
>> mouth.
> Man.  Can't wait 'til this kid meets Kid Enthusiastic.

Figured I give myself a couple issues to be comfortable on the street before meeting the neighbours :)

>> The head of the grizzled man turned slightly, his mean grey eyes looking 
>> over his shoulder to the sound.
>> "Excuse me. Sorry. I'm looking for someone called," Billy checked his 
>> popsicle stick, "the Ultimate Cowboy?"
> Hah!  Of course. <3 Makes a lot more sense than pirates, especially as the
> tropes of westerns and jidaigeki overlap a lot more (see everything
> Kurosawa did).

I had no idea if Ultimate Ninja had a nemesis, so I figured the anti-legion I was putting together should provide one. I agree with your assessment, cowboys work a little better than pirates for this. That, and I just recently watched Rango and True Grit. :)

>> He marched over to the bar, laying the gun atop it. Reaching into his coat,
>> he pulls out paper and fixings, rolling a cigarette. The bartender almost 
>> headed over to serve him, but a murderous stare changed his mind.
> Got some switching between past and present tense there.

That's what I get for trying to edit the grammar/spelling myself :P

>> Also, though I want it to run alongside Super Wizard (in an attempt to 
>> write more weekly), don't be surprised if it's schedule gets sporadic at 
>> best :)
> You are an inspiration. @.@ Must be more productive...

Let's see if I don't burn myself out first :P

> Also, I've been looking at your experiment with a lack of line wrap.  I
> still think it's too wide - especially on my widescreen monitor - but I'm
> pondering extending mine out to, say, 160 characters.

I have been trusting the individual users' email clients to wrap the text, but that might not always be practical. And it's not like it makes a difference to my website, now that I am HTML-izing it all by hand rather than trying to get script to automate it. I will probably switch back to the 72 or 80 character limit, which is generally the accepted length for comfortable reading.

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