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Andrew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Tue Aug 23 05:16:41 PDT 2011

On Mon, 22 Aug 2011 14:10:08 +0000 (UTC), Wil Alambre wrote:

> On 2011-08-22, at 7:13 AM, Andrew Perron wrote:

>> Oooooooh.  How Grant-Morrison-Doom-Patrol.
> I just finished reading Grant Morrison's "Supergods", where in he talks 
> about his experimentations with entering into comic book universes to 
> interact with the characters he is writing. He called it a "fiction suit". 
> Since I am a big fan of Morrison, his work, his book, and the out-there 
> concept of exploring fictional worlds, the Fictionaut is a nod to all that. 
> :)

Oh, man.  Want. >>c

> I loved comics books when I was young. We had only one proper comic book 
> shop in the town I grew up in (and in retrospec, it was surprising to have 
> even that one). I would save up my money every week and then run over and 
> pick up as many new books and back issues as I could afford. :)

For a few years, I lived right next to a mini-mart that had a spinner rack.
Wonderful stuff there, and by "wonderful" I mean "pretty typical of the
early '90s but hey, I liked it".

>> Man.  Can't wait 'til this kid meets Kid Enthusiastic.
> Figured I give myself a couple issues to be comfortable on the street 
> before meeting the neighbours :)

Makes sense, makes sense~

> I had no idea if Ultimate Ninja had a nemesis, so I figured the 
> anti-legion I was putting together should provide one. I agree with your 
> assessment, cowboys work a little better than pirates for this. That, and I 
> just recently watched Rango and True Grit. :)

He's had a couple, but no Reverse-Flash types, so this is a worthy
addition.  Yay for the Western genre!

>> Also, I've been looking at your experiment with a lack of line wrap.  I
>> still think it's too wide - especially on my widescreen monitor - but I'm
>> pondering extending mine out to, say, 160 characters.
> I have been trusting the individual users' email clients to wrap the text, 
> but that might not always be practical. And it's not like it makes a 
> difference to my website, now that I am HTML-izing it all by hand rather 
> than trying to get script to automate it. I will probably switch back to 
> the 72 or 80 character limit, which is generally the accepted length for 
> comfortable reading.

Yeah, that's the thing - mine does automatically wrap... at the width of my
absurdly wide monitor.

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, still pondering 160 as an experiment.

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