REVIEW: End of Month Reviews #76 - April 2010 [spoilers]

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On Sun 30 May 2010 Andrew Perron replied:
>> The characters are larger than life 
>> eccentrics with grotesque obsessions and egos who operate in a world 
>> that doesn't have quite the same laws of cause and effect as ours do.  
> Though the characters are far more unlikely than impossible.
Very true.  And if I wanted to get really technical I could start 
theorising on where stories fall when measured on two sliding scales of 
cause and effect, one for the characters and one for the physical setting.
For my part I was thinking mainly of the tall tales of the old west, like 
Paul Bunyan or Pecos Bill at the time I was writing, but there are other styles.
>> Just Imagine Saxon Brenton Vs Andrew Perron In The Return Of The RACCies #7
>> 'Across The River And Into The Trees And Past The Forcefield And Through 
>> The Lazer Maze'  or  'The Bittorrents Of Spring'
> And note I teased Cyborg Gorilla Hemingway at the end of last issue, made a
> double Hemingway reference in the title of this one, and yet still haven't
> had him appear as of the latest!  It's taking a lot longer to get to the
> center of the universe than I expected.
I had forgotten the Cyborg Gorilla Hemmingway references.  Darn.
>> The revelation of the 
>> reincarnation of the original Mange Man is either going to simplify or 
>> complicate continuity.
> Simplify, I'm hoping.  If I do this right, all three Manga Men will have
> their place in the Looniverse afterwards.
I suspected as much.  Or at least, I suspected that it was intended to do as 

much.  However the proof, as they say, will be in the eating of the pudding.  

Especially since it's happening in a cascade, which is *almost* an invitation 

for things to be changed in a everything-you-just-saw-is-wrong! shock reveal.

Fortunately the low writer participation numbers means that this cascade is 

functionally almost a series, so I doubt if nayone will deliberately try to screw 

the plot point about.  Accidentally, maybe.  But not deliberately.

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