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Submissions for the 9th High Concept Challenge 'The Red Planet' have closed.
There are four elligible stories.  In alphabetical order they are:
* Coherent Super Stories #20 'Prisoner of the Red Planet' - Dave Van Domelen (Dvandom)
* Going Solo #3 'Fight or Flight' - Ted Brock (Phantasm)
* Journey Into... #12 'Orphans of Mars' - Tom Russell
* SW10: Rednecks From Mars - Scott Eiler
(At the risk of having to point out the bleeding obvious, 'Mars and the Dark 
Age of Superheroes' doesn't count.  Essay rather than story, submitted by 
the administrator for this round, you know the drill.)
You may vote by sending emails to my hotmail address
     saxonbrenton @ hotmail dot com
Voting will close at the end of Saturday 5th June 2010.
Saxon Brenton 
saxonbrenton at

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