NTB/LNH/ELSEWHIRL/HCC11: Legion of Net.Heroes Volume 2 #38

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On Tue, 27 Jul 2010 23:47:59 +0000 (UTC), Saxon Brenton wrote:

> On Mon 26 July 2010 Andrew Perron replied:
>> On Sun 25 Jul 2010 Saxon Brenton wrote:
> [...] 
>> Ah, okay, so it *starts* in the present day and then moves forward.
> Well, maybe.  There wasn't really any firm dating.  By default it's 
> usually easiest to assume that the action culminates 'now', but since 
> it's an Elsewhirl and doesn't have to match up with the rest of 
> continuity, the only thing it really has to take into consideration 
> is that Munlop's musings on the Westbo.org have to take place post 
> 2006 - and that's assuming that the 'Respect for America's Fallen 
> Heroes Act' is enacted at the same date as Real Life.

...see, I thought that was fictional. >> Or, rather, that in Real Life it
had been proposed but never passed.  (Comment on the poitical ignorance of
the average American, or a sign that I'm a scatterbrained goofball?)

So I'd assume, then, that it starts in the past and ends now, or relatively
recently, anyway.  I dunno, it just felt odd to have that level of magitek
development so far in the past. (Even if, at this point, "so far in the
past" is 1997.  Gah, I feel old.)

>> In-character, it makes sense for him to think this.  Out of character, I'd
>> expect someone to do some serious spellbreaking before too long; possibly
>> Occultism Kid or another LNHer, possibly an NTBer who likes carrying heat -
>> heck, possibly one of those aforementioned fringe.
> Oh crikey yes.  Having him described as being insane makes such a useful 
> handwave.  But while a large proportion of the NTB probably wouldn't be 
> interested ("Is there a squamulous thing eating souls involved? No? Then I 
> don't care.") the non-trenchcoater mages would get *really intense* about 
> this sort of thing.  Especially the LNHers after MasterBlaster went splat.

I dunno.  Nowadays, my trenchcoat-wearing mages tilt less toward John
Constantine and more toward Harry Dresden.

> And... it would have taken too long to depict, but I have this 
> weird vision various mystic types who care about this sort of thing 
> dispelling his wards, but of Munlop having protected himself from detection 
> and simply wandering around creating new warded zones.  Every half year or 
> so a new area of the country would suddenly become *extremely dangerous* to 
> use a gun in for about half a day before the LNH come and shut down the 
> death trap.

Oooooooh.  I *like* this idea.  I could see something similar being the
focus of an arc somewheres.

> And then there's the small matter of the Pentagon's miliatry mages 
> somehow getting ahold of the specs for the warding (possibly by 
> reverse engineering) and simply casting it over much of the Middle 
> East after they withdraw from Afgha.net.stan.

Oh, man.  You know, I seriously love the way you draw things out to their
logical consequences.  It's like ASH, but using the Looniverse for

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