8FOLD: Journey Into # 13: The Five Graph Trap!

Saxon Brenton saxonbrenton at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 28 23:31:02 PDT 2010

[2nd post, 24 hours later ; 
 Critical comment: fsck, I must have been high on flu medication when I 
 composed this]
Okay, I'm back from dying hideously of the Lurgi. Here, let me use the 
internet to infect you with my virus. Wha? Wrong type of virus for a 
computer network? Well, you probably didn't want it anyway. 
Hmm, what's this? I contributed to a flamewar? Gosh.
On Sun 25 July 2010 Tom Russell wrote:
> But but but-- they're *not* run-on sentences. Long, yes. Maybe too
> long. But it's not a run-on this is a run-on there are three complete
> sentences here that are not joined together by a conjunction or
> adequate punctuation. That's a run-on. Whereas if we render it like
> this:
-reads with interest-
Okay, I'll take your word for it. Bluntly, a lot of the stuff I know 
about writing isn't from high school English classes (which I probably 
learnt and then forgot) but from what I (re?)taught myself later when 
I became interested in writing as a hobby. I doubt if I'd recognise 
the definition of what a run-on sentence if it tore of it's clothes 
and danced naked before me in an unseemly manner. So, yeah, definately 
bad phrasing on my part.
So, to paraphrase a quote from alt.fan.pratchett back in the early 1990s:
My proverbial gazelle was in a tundraic environment because I didn't
know how to recognise a run-on sentence. But now, after wandering in 
the desert of ignorance, the raincloud of pedantism has united me with 
the axolotl of happiness.
Saxon Brenton

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