NTB/LNH/ELSEWHIRL/HCC11: Legion of Net.Heroes Volume 2 #38

Saxon Brenton saxonbrenton at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 27 16:47:59 PDT 2010

On Mon 26 July 2010 Andrew Perron replied:
> On Sun 25 Jul 2010 Saxon Brenton wrote:
> Ah, okay, so it *starts* in the present day and then moves forward.
Well, maybe.  There wasn't really any firm dating.  By default it's 
usually easiest to assume that the action culminates 'now', but since 
it's an Elsewhirl and doesn't have to match up with the rest of 
continuity, the only thing it really has to take into consideration 
is that Munlop's musings on the Westbo.org have to take place post 
2006 - and that's assuming that the 'Respect for America's Fallen 
Heroes Act' is enacted at the same date as Real Life.
> In-character, it makes sense for him to think this.  Out of character, I'd
> expect someone to do some serious spellbreaking before too long; possibly
> Occultism Kid or another LNHer, possibly an NTBer who likes carrying heat -
> heck, possibly one of those aforementioned fringe.
Oh crikey yes.  Having him described as being insane makes such a useful 
handwave.  But while a large proportion of the NTB probably wouldn't be 
interested ("Is there a squamulous thing eating souls involved? No? Then I 
don't care.") the non-trenchcoater mages would get *really intense* about 
this sort of thing.  Especially the LNHers after MasterBlaster went splat.
And... it would have taken too long to depict, but I have this 
weird vision various mystic types who care about this sort of thing 
dispelling his wards, but of Munlop having protected himself from detection 
and simply wandering around creating new warded zones.  Every half year or 
so a new area of the country would suddenly become *extremely dangerous* to 
use a gun in for about half a day before the LNH come and shut down the 
death trap.
And then there's the small matter of the Pentagon's miliatry mages 
somehow getting ahold of the specs for the warding (possibly by 
reverse engineering) and simply casting it over much of the Middle 
East after they withdraw from Afgha.net.stan.
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