[LNH] [META] Aliens on the Looniearth

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Sun Mar 22 18:01:37 PDT 2009

On Sat 21 March 2009 Andrew  replied:
> Subject: Re: [LNH] [META] Aliens on the Looniearth
>>     Looking at the list now that
>> I've typed it up, most of them seem to be Nature-B, with a lot
>> of skew towards belligerant imperial empires. I think that may
>> be because of the nature of our stories that opponents like that
>> are so often encountered.
> Not to mention that Always Chaotic Evil races are dull.
I hadn't considered that aspect, but true.

>> Dvorakians - (which I only just realised I misspelt as Dvorkian in
>> the Gazetteer) Uh, humanoid (I think) and an empire with the
>> backhistory that they used a logic bomb to destroy the planet
>> Qwerty, home of LNHer Myk-El. Lacking any other information:
>> Nature-B with the same caveats as for imperials.
> Probably too powerful for mooks, seeing as they're parodies of
> Daxamites.
It was the Qwertians who were the parodies of the Daxamites, not the 
Dorfs.  That said, off the top of my head I have no idea what the 
Dorfs are like, so for all I know they're also parodies of Daxamites 
(which would imply two species of humanoids who in their home 
environments have no powers and were engaged in an interstellar war, 
but under certain circumstances gain superpowers and would go around 
tearing up the landscape on someone else's planet.  An amusing 
conceit, but fortunately the details of Qwerty given in 
_Constellation_ #27 head off that line of thought.)
Saxon Brenton
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