REVIEW: End of Month Reviews #50 - February 2008 [spoilers]

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>      That said, it does occur to me that a summary like that is not
> something that I can imagine my readers wanting to be included month
> after month.  A more detailed summary of ongoing story arcs, sure, but
> not the series summary aspects.  I'll have to think about how frequently
> to use it; how frequently a series gets posted would be one obvious factor.

I've been thinking about this lately, and wondering
whether we ought to take more advantage of the medium
in which we write.

It would be easy, for example, for the writer of an
LNH story to provide a link to a page on the LNH
wiki site.  That page could include a quick summary
of what the series is about (such as you provide here)
as well as a cast list and short descriptions of the
series' major story arcs.

The link would allow first-time readers to get caught
up quickly on the series, without giving long-time
readers another wall of text to scroll past.

Of course, authors could always provide
"Previously on..." sections at the beginnings of
their issues that grow increasingly longer with
each episode.  But only a crazy person would
do that...

--Easily-Discovered Man Lite
--Sultan of summarization

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