REVIEW: End of Month Reviews #50 � February 2008 [spoilers]

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at
Mon Mar 31 20:14:12 PDT 2008

Saxon Brenton wrote:
> Beige Countdown #5
> 'The Bicycle In The River'
> A Legion of Net.Heroes [LNH] limited series
> by Arthur Spitzer
>      What is this?:  A limited series that chronicles the events 
> of the year leading up to the forewarned return of the Bryttle 
> Brothers at 'Beige Midnight'.  Or to be more precise, as part of 
> the payoff of the 'Infinite Leadership Crisis' Event/anthology 
> storyline in 2007 was the revelation that that Bart the Dark 
> Receptionist was playing with the Legion's collective heads and 
> trying to instil fear in them.  The 'Infinite Leadership Crisis' 
> was Bart's way of taunting the Legion with his power, and the 
> year leading to 'Beige Midnight' is his way of letting them stew. 
>      But while this particular counterpoint hasn't been addressed 
> in any posted stories that I can recall, it should nevertheless 
> be self-evident that Bart doesn't have a particularly good grasp 
> of superhero psychology.  Trying to scare them simply makes them 
> more bull headedly obstinate.  The Legion was never going to 
> simply sit around and worry about their impending doom, unless...
>      Unless they were weakened by fractious leadership spills, or 
> encumbered with general anti-hero attitudes after a public 
> disaster, or compromised by Presidential attempts to subvert 
> their power for his own benefit.  Which of course is exactly 
> what's been happening.
>      In this episode President Hex Luthor has framed and 
> imprisoned his long-time adversary Bicycle Repair Lad.  Now, you 
> may recall that in issue 7 Manga Man's rather dubious actions 
> were inclined towards supervillainous self defeat, and it was 
> Hex Luthor who kept Manga man on track.  It was almost as if 
> Hex had read the Evil Overlord's Handbook and taken it to heart.  
> That has changed.  Although Bicycle Repair Lad is nominally at 
> Hex's mercy, he's correctly deduced that both his attempt to take 
> over the world and an attempt to discredit and remove an opponent 
> that no one has so far been taking seriously are indications 
> that Hex Luthor is falling back into old, supervillainous thought 
> patterns.  In short, Hex Luthor is beginning to loose it.  Or 
> regain it, depending on how you define 'it'.

Nice summations of all those stories, Saxon...

Was going to write a recap for Beige Countdown #1... but Christ I'm

Arthur "Should be asleep..." Spitzer

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