REVIEW: End of Month Reviews #48 - December 2007 [spoilers]

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Sat Feb 2 01:28:53 PST 2008

On Jan 31, 11:57 am, Saxon Brenton <saxonbren... at> wrote:
> Possum-Man: Relinquished #4
> 'Mommy, Don't Let The Bad Possum Hurt Me'
> A Legion of Net.Heroes [LNH] series
> by Mitchell Crouch

I find myself unable to describe just how much my eyes bulged when I
realised Possum-Man got an EoMR. And I can also vouch that UTS has
been a busy place lately -- I was up there today, at a building on
George St. (I think) and couldn't help but wonder what was up with the

>      These individual issues of this series are definitely getting
> longer.  No, really.  Compare the line counts in the header information.
> See, issue 4 is twice as long as issue 1.

Heh heh. Heh heh. Yeah.

>      Meanwhile, Tarq muses in the end notes that he has a nagging feeling
> that there's something he's overlooking in Possum-Man's character.
> I thought I'd have a look at this, so I went back through his appearances
> in  _Alt.stralian Yarns_ #3-6 and the _Possum Man_ issues so far and see
> what descriptive summary I can make of the character.  Hmm.

Yes -- to expand upon that point, I was worrying that perhaps Pos was
becoming a bit too competent a bit too quickly; as though his
endearing flatfootery (you know you love him for it, really) was being
replaced by mainstream buttkickery.

>     Other than that Possum-Man's characterisation seems pretty
> consistent.  He's still slightly unhinged, and prone to do silly things

Whew. That's good to know, then.

Thank you very much for this helpful and insightful review, Saxon! I'm
hoping to get Relinquished #5 out soon, but, well... *meaningful
glance at 'December 2007' title* you know how these things turn out.


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