LNH: LNH Comics Presents #500: INFINITE LEADERSHIP CRY.SIG Episode 465 -- Part II

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On May 2, 5:17 am, Martin Phipps <martinphip... at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Nice story.  Nice story indeed.
> BUT...
> The ending was a BIT anticlimactic.

What with the utter destruction of the LNHQ, a Grand Guignol battle
between the LNH duplicates and dozens of villains, the poignant
death of a major character and the reveal of the mysterious "big bad"
to be a long-forgotten former ally of the LNH, one is tempted to ask
...what would have counted as a climax?

I can certainly understand why the finale might be disappointing to
a reader who wanted to see the members of the LNH unravel the
mystery, confront the enemy in a final showdown, and prevail.
Personally, I think Arthur did a great job precisely because he
went against expectations.  Yes, the ending was a bit of a downer,
and yes, it left a lot of loose ends untied.  But one could say the
same about "The Empire Strikes Back."

I also feel that the series as a whole was less of a plot-driven
story arc than an opportunity to explore the characters -- to see
what each one would do, given the chance to lead the LNH for
one day.  The results were as surprising as they were
enjoyable.  For example, I thought I knew everything there was
to know about Sarcastic Lad -- he's awfully consistent --
and yet his episode made me look at his character in a
new light.

> Imagine if this were done by an actual comics company.  It was hyped.
> It was late.  And then just when you were expecting a big

I felt the same way about Civil War, but the reason it bothered me
was that Captain America's surrender was completely out of
character.  In fact, Captain America, Iron Man and pretty much
every other character in Civil War were nothing at all like the
characters I'd read about for the last thirty years.  Say what you
will about Infinite Leadership Cry.sig, but at least the characters
were all consistent with their previous portrayals... except for
the parts I wrote with Sleeps With Anything Alive Girl...

> And now the Legion is just going to wait until next April when Dekay
> and DisKolor return?

I'd think that a lot of things could happen at this point.
Certainly the Legion will want to prepare themselves... but how?
More intensive training?  Going on a recruitment drive?  Phasing out
some of the less powerful members?  Every member is going to have
his/her own idea about how to respond to this threat... and given
that all of them have had a moment in the leader's chair, each
will think he/she is entitled to his/her opinion...

> Oh and is Ultimate Ninja going to be pissed about LNH HQ being
> destroyed and all the villains being released or what?  

With all of those villains running wild, I'd think he has more than
enough to worry about...

--Easily-Discovered Man Lite
--Thinks the series made more sense than "52"...

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