[REVIEW] End of Month Reviews #47 - November 2007 [spoilers]

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> Also spracht Saxon Brenton (Sun, 02 Dec 2007
01:28:02 +0000):
> > [REVIEW] End of Month Reviews #47 - November 2007
> > Reviewed This Issue:
> >      58.5 #11-12  [LNH]
> >      Beige Countdown #7  [LNH]
> >      Derek Radner's Private Journal #1  [ASH]
Kinky Romance #1  [8Fold]
> >      Mr. Transparent #5  [Misc]
> >      New Exarchs #4-6  [SG/LNH]
> >      Sporkman #1-3  [SG]
> >      Thunderclap #8  [Pincity]
> Hnn, that was a LONG EoMR, thanks for taking the
time to write it!
> > This is especially considering that the ratio of
talk to fight scenes
> > has been further skewed by the fact that that the
> > fight was summarily finished off panel.
> Well yeah :-( I'm still trying to figure out how to
write action scenes
> that turn out interesting, when text is all the
reader will have.  I
> spent some time (years) working on how to do this
with panels, but doing
> it without the art is not something I have
experience with.
> It would help if people could tell me what they
thought of the action
> scenes I did write (Fodder/Kid-N/Green/Hyperbolic
Boy vs. thugs, New
> Misfits vs. Lion Pack, Fodder/Kid-N vs. Manhandler,
although that one was
> short, and Fodder vs. the poor trainees in #12).

Action scenes on RACC, in general, tend to a be a bit
confusing because people naturally tend to avoid
pedantic description during action scenes making it
difficult for readers to picture in their mind what is
going on.  When I have groups fighting groups, I have
characters pair off and this makes it easier to
picture, I think.

> Who knows.  The usenetversal cosmic entities gave us
the flashback... you
> may still see the end of that fight once I feel
confident enough to write
> it ;-)
> >     I will quibble, however, as to whether LNH
characters could only
> > ever 'properly' access LNH2 and LNHY story
settings and are otherwise
> > only crossing over with parallels.  Since
authorial approval was
> > included in various LNH/Patrol, LNH/ASH,
LNH/Superguy/ LNH/Eleck, and
> > Crossroads/<whatever> crossovers (and it's telling
how many of them
> > involved Dave Van Domelen) then these crossovers
logically involved the
> > originals (and possibly also the appearance of the
DC character Impulse,
> > since Poet received permission from Mark Waid for
the 'Sudden Impulse'
> > story).
> Sorry if you understood it that way; what I meant
was "by default".  All
> LNH/LNH2 stories can be assumed to be "real"
crossovers unless otherwise
> indicated, while all LNH/ASH can be assumed to be
"copy" crossovers
> unless there is indication otherwise.

I think when the LNH crosses over with another
universe, the LNH characters are real but the other
characters, at the very least, have to forget ever
meeting the LNH.  I doubt if Impulse ever reminisces
about meeting the LNH.


> >      On other matters: there was also the bit
about comedy and drama
> > being two of the main organising principles in the
Looniverse.  I'd
> > never thought of them in quite those terms,
instead tending to consider
> > them as somehow being analogues of gravity,
electromagnetism, and the
> > nuclear weak and strong forces.
> I think I remember some older material, especially
from Martin,
> describing the four fundamental forces of physics in
the usenetverse to
> be net-related things.  I don't remember all four,
but lag (thus Lagneto)
> was there.

Actually you may be thinking of Jamas who identified
the four net.elements as thread, spham, crosspost and
lag.  What I did was say that if Lagneto creates a
lagnetic field then he must emit "lagons".  I then
suggested that lagons are quantums of trafficolagnetic
radiation.  Now if you want to argue that the other
three forces (corresponding to gravity and the nuclear
forces) are thread, spham and crosspost the go ahead.


PS: I sent this via e-mail because I haven't been able
to post to the group using google lately.  Anybody
else having the same trouble?

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