REVIEW: Killfile Wars # 3

Jesse Willey cabbagewielder at
Fri May 26 03:29:22 PDT 2006

> I had to go back and reread the last paragraph
> again.  Yep,
> her body evaporated.  So technically Ultimate Ninja
> didn't kill her.

  See... see... I'm not out to ruin Ultimate Ninja.

> How did Ultimate Ninja know where to find her?

  I explained that. Know thy enemy.  He knew her
ultimate goal.  He knew the one way to acheive it.  
Thus, he knew where she'd be. 

> And why did Ultimate Ninja want to stop Ultimate   >
Ninja?  Aren't they the same person?

  That's a whole other metaphysical can of worms that
it is just too early in the morning to get into.   Put
simply, just because you make two cups from the same
mold does not make them the same cup.

> Anyway, psycho or not, there's no version of Batman
> that goes
> around killing people.  He doesn't even carry a gun.
>  Neither does
> Ultimate Ninja, for that matter.  It would have been
> more in
> character for him to use his ninja bush and slit her
> throat.  No,
> I don't have any problem with Ultimate Ninja killing
> (or attempting
> to kill), especially under these circumstances, but
> the way he
> went about it was odd.

   She's grown back a hand, absorbed energy blasts,
and single handed eviscerated Doctor Killfile.  (He
got better... and it all happened near the end of The
Team.)   I thing Ninja knew a regularly katana no
matter how trained its user wouldn't cut it... pun

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