REVIEW: Killfile Wars # 3

martinphipps2 at martinphipps2 at
Thu May 25 23:56:06 PDT 2006

Jesse Willey wrote:

>   If you want to get TECHNICAL Ninja just did
> something that WOULD have killed her.  Until she
> released Doctor Killfile who vaporized her.

I had to go back and reread the last paragraph again.  Yep,
her body evaporated.  So technically Ultimate Ninja didn't kill her.

Anyway, I'm confused.  We hadn't seen Deliah Killfile since #1.
Was she down in the sub-sub-etc. basement all this time?  How
did Ultimate Ninja know where to find her?  And why did Ultimate
Ninja want to stop Ultimate Ninja?  Aren't they the same person?

Ooooh.  I've got a headache now!

Anyway, the question was... do heroes kill?  Well, soldiers kill.
Police officers will kill to protect their lives or th elives of
Technically this is self defense.  Heroes don't attack unarmed
people.  Now, Deliah Killfile was trespassing on LNH property.
She had already killed someone.  Legally, Ultimate Ninja could
claim self defense.  Anyway, it's all moot because Deliah Killfile
died before the bullet could kill her so, at most, Ultimate Ninja
would have been guilty of premeditated assault.  Whatever.

Anyway, psycho or not, there's no version of Batman that goes
around killing people.  He doesn't even carry a gun.  Neither does
Ultimate Ninja, for that matter.  It would have been more in
character for him to use his ninja bush and slit her throat.  No,
I don't have any problem with Ultimate Ninja killing (or attempting
to kill), especially under these circumstances, but the way he
went about it was odd.


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