LNH: The Legion of Net.Heroes Volume II #14: The TroublewithRecreated Dream Girls

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On Saturday 13 May 2006 Martin Phipps <martinphipps2 at yahoo.com> wrote:

>>Yes, a girl, who was born at the end of _Cute Anna, Crypt Looter_ #5.
>>Christened in 'Baby Shower' in _Cute Anna, Crypt Looter #6_
>which, ironically enough, featured a Panta cameo.  Oops. :I
>Martin... figures Hubert's retcon applied to all past and future
>appearances of Panta

To be fair, Panta's disappearance is, as far as I can tell, an atypical 
The most pertinent bits of text from _Tales of the LNH_ #370 go:

| "Panta doesn't exist in this continuity." the Dvandom Stranger said
| flatly. "You will forget about her when the new reality snaps back and
| asserts itself."

[then, later]

|                                                Panta is alive and well - 
in different
| continuities, I've been able to learn. She's been 'Tenchi-fied', acquiring
| multiple continuities, one of which may exist in your world. If you find
| her - and show this catbell, she may remember all that's happened."

The exact mechanics and consequences of being Tenchi-fied is something
I can only guess at. It clearly referss to the _Tenchi Muyo_ anime serieses
which I have only read commentaries on, but which has multiple series
with mutually contradictory continuities.  Throw in that important 'may'
in the Dvandom Stranger's explanation, and things get rather nebulous.

My current treament of Panta was seen in _War Without Worlds_: Retcon
Lad is one of a few characters who remembers past, retconned away
histories, and therefore remembers Panta, but rarely bothers to try and
remind the others because they almost immediately forget her again.
This of course is another one of the LNH's fourth wall jokes, and other
writers could very well come up some other - possibly contradictory - way
of treating the situation, which because of it's very nebulouity would be
just as valid.

Would it involve her having been fully removed from continuity and having
to be replaced by another character for the really important events in
history she participated in - like executing the evil Ulitmate Ninja clone?

Is it more like Hypertime (Hypertext Time here in the Looniverse) where
bits of continuity not normally associated with mainstream history briefly
merge in, causing cameos and guest appearances?

Dunno.  And given the nature of the Looniverse, possibly it doesn't matter.
But it might be vastly amusing to have a story where Skunk Girl gets
drafted to fill in the 'sexy, anthropomorphic animal woman' role, only to
have the hormone-addled guys discover that she only acts sweet and naive
as part of her black ops training.

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