LNH: The Legion of Net.Heroes Volume II #14: The Trouble with Recreated Dream Girls

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at earthlink.net
Fri May 12 17:21:24 PDT 2006

in article 1147404634.305747.317190 at j73g2000cwa.googlegroups.com, Tom
Russell at milos_parker at yahoo.com wrote on 5/11/06 8:30 PM:

> This was a lot of fun, Arthur-- I especially liked the part about the
> Ninja's fake heart, and her seduction of poor Fred.

Glad you like it.

>I also liked the
> Master Blaster-WikiBoy scene, but I should note that WikiBoy shouldn't
> _suggest_ edits, i.e.:

Perhaps someone edited him to suggest edits?  And Master Blaster was too
lazy to change it?

>> "No.  I'm afraid not.  I'm completely absorbed in the brilliant God like
>> being that is Master Blaster.  Perhaps you could edit me to look at other
>> people besides you?"
> But generally, your use of WikiBoy is pretty damn funny.  I really
> enjoyed
>> "Oh, no, Rob!  Then who would edit me to do horrible humiliating things to
>> myself that are crimes of nature and should probably send you to jail for
>> life if there was any kind of justice in this world?"
> and
>> "WikiBoy edit yourself to not have a mouth."
>> WikiBoy touched his face with a horrified expression.  He had a great urge
>> to scream.  But he had no mouth.
> (Though it would have been better for Rob to use a simple declarative
> sentence, such as, "WikiBoy, you have no mouth."  Still.  Funny as
> hell.)

Yeah, probably.  Pointless exposition I guess.

> And, in that same scene, there's this note:
>> "I wonder if I could time-travel back to before I got wReanna pregnant and
>> then --?
> Now, I've read the CUTE ANNA: CRYPT LOOTER mass-wedding story, but I
> don't recall seeingany reference to wReanna's baby.  Has it been born
> yet?
> --Tom

Yeah she's been born and appeared in a few stories.

A year ago I had my own idea for a 'Pigs in Time' miniseries.  It involved
Sarcastic Lad and Frat Boy stealing some time machines so they could prevent
Master Blaster from conceiving the baby (and not have to get married).  They
decided that that the best way would be to just bring him back to the
future, but since they only had two time machines one person had to be left
behind (Frat Boy volunteered).  When Rob and Sarc returned back to the
future they find a totally insane Frat Boy with a Ring of Retcon and
Insanity Gauntlet ruling the Looniverse turning it all into one Gigantic
togo party frat house.

Arthur "Was too lazy to ever write it though" Spitzer

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