LNH: The Legion of Net.Heroes Volume II #14: The Trouble with Recreated Dream Girls

Tom Russell milos_parker at yahoo.com
Thu May 11 20:30:43 PDT 2006

This was a lot of fun, Arthur-- I especially liked the part about the
Ninja's fake heart, and her seduction of poor Fred.  I also liked the
Master Blaster-WikiBoy scene, but I should note that WikiBoy shouldn't
_suggest_ edits, i.e.:

> "No.  I'm afraid not.  I'm completely absorbed in the brilliant God like
> being that is Master Blaster.  Perhaps you could edit me to look at other
> people besides you?"

But generally, your use of WikiBoy is pretty damn funny.  I really

> "Oh, no, Rob!  Then who would edit me to do horrible humiliating things to
> myself that are crimes of nature and should probably send you to jail for
> life if there was any kind of justice in this world?"


> "WikiBoy edit yourself to not have a mouth."
> WikiBoy touched his face with a horrified expression.  He had a great urge
> to scream.  But he had no mouth.

(Though it would have been better for Rob to use a simple declarative
sentence, such as, "WikiBoy, you have no mouth."  Still.  Funny as

And, in that same scene, there's this note:

> "I wonder if I could time-travel back to before I got wReanna pregnant and
> then --?

Now, I've read the CUTE ANNA: CRYPT LOOTER mass-wedding story, but I
don't recall seeingany reference to wReanna's baby.  Has it been born


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