META: Your first time...?

Tim Munn drtimphd at
Thu May 11 19:14:18 PDT 2006

There's lots of stuff on RACC to inspire, not just Tom's writing.
Cauliflower for example.  I took a plunge into LNH territory after
reading that.  Not a good plunge, but a plunge nonetheless.  Which
brings me to another point: I can't hate anything I write, no matter
how bad.  Probably not good for either myself (I guess) or the reader.
I think I've gotten better at the writing process; that is to say, what
is good and what is crap, even though my style is to write-then-post,
which really would make that determination more harder.  I'm going to
have to write something for my 9 year anniversary next month.  :)

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