META: Your first time...?

martinphipps2 at martinphipps2 at
Sat May 13 03:36:43 PDT 2006

Tim Munn wrote:
> There's lots of stuff on RACC to inspire, not just Tom's writing.
> Cauliflower for example.  I took a plunge into LNH territory after
> reading that.  Not a good plunge, but a plunge nonetheless.  Which
> brings me to another point: I can't hate anything I write, no matter
> how bad.

Give it time. :)

When I recently re-read "Manifest Destiny", a story of mine that
featured Psykeye vs. Lagneto vs. Hellary vs. the LNH vs. Limbaugh Man
vs. Canadian Spelling Boy, I thought "Oh... God... this is bad."
Notice that there was no reference to that story in Lagneto Saga. :)


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