META: Your first time...?

Adrian James McClure lord_soldeed at
Tue May 9 18:32:25 PDT 2006

Re:  Tim Munn:  Considering how much Tom hates his early work, it's
pretty interesting ot see someone who is inspired by it.  :)

I started reading the LNH on and off during 2000, which makes me the
closest thing to a newbie the group has right now.  I don't remember at
all what my first series was.  I think I first came across it from the
long-unupdated web page.  A lot of the appeal for me was the mere
existance of this large, crazy, imagination-packed superhero universe
and I wanted to be a part of it even before I had a terribly clear idea
of what it was.  I came up with a bunch of series ideas early on, all
of which were uniformly crap, but luckily I lacked the initiative to
write them at the time.  (I'm still not sure how much initiative to
write I have...)  The first LNH work that seriouesly engaged me was
Dvandom Force, especially the X Post Facto story arc and the death of
Sig.Lad, which was what first awakened me to the full imaginative
potential of LNH.  The first currently running LNH series that I
followed regularly was Miss Translation, and I started writing for RACC
shortly after it came out.

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